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It's down there, somewhere between sometimes and "scrapbook about me? what's that?". :)

Laura Evangeline

Hmmm... I don't think I've ever really scrapbooked about myself. I think it's time to do something about that...

Nita K.

I never scrapbook about myself. Never.

Roxane F

Sometimes, more so in my project life.


About the only time I scrapbook is when I go on a vacation.
they're usually something exotic so I want to keep a memory to look at when I'm unable to travel anymore.

Deepa Lakshman

For the pictures that I have of me before the kids were born, they are the ones where the scrapbook me part comes. After that, not much.

Amber M.

I love Cathy's style and am really keen to take this class from her!!! I am absolutely thrilled that she is part of the SCT team! I sometimes scrap about myself and have some new ideas going on a list that I want to make pages about. I thought of one just the other day while I was driving! I do make an effort to get in front of the camera often too, even though I'm not overly comfortable. Thanks so much for these give-aways - just awesome!

Dena Schmitt

Cathy, I would love to win a seat in this class! I am lucky to get my boy's album's complete (still behind, but that's ok) so the thought of doing an album about me rarely occurs-this would be the perfect opportunity! Thanks for the chance to win!

Lorie Bradberry

I made an album about my favorite things about ten years ago, it was a lot of fun! Cathy's class sounds great, I would like to take it. Project Life is something I haven't done but would love to try. Thanks for the chance to win a spot. I would like to do an album about me.


Sadly, I never tell my story, started and stopped several times. I don't know why it's so hard. Typical mom syndrome, I think. Always doing for someone else-kids or grandkids.I could really use that class, I'm certain.

Fernanda Moisés

I never scrapbook about myself but a few years ago I have a journal to journaling about my life. I don´t do it anymore and this will be a great way to begin again and make a project about me and my life right now.


Sometimes. I do have a "just for me" scrapbook, which is where my AAM pages usually go. I love that scrapbook! Even though I don't give it as many pages as the other books, it's pretty special. I'd love to win a spot in your class, Cathy! Thanks for the chance.

Anika F

I made it my goal this year to start scrapbooking about myself. But it almost always is more about "us" it's only very rarely about just me.

Jean Marmo

Love this idea!

Julie Paradise

Hmm, there have not been many fotos of me in the years bfore this one, and that is only because my little son of almost 5 years loves to take fotos, especially of his beloved mama. (Lucky me, I know ;-)

So since he takes really good fotos now of me and demands them to be included in the PL album, I have found myself to scrapbook about myself sometimes. But such an "encyclopaedic" approach would be a great opportunity to get in depth with that and journal more than I used to.

barbara macaskill

I have never told my story. Believe me, it is not a story that anyone would care to read. The story of my life is centered around what ailment is acting up today. I can go from a
normal" day to the ICU faster than most people can say good morning. I do not want to leave a record of "the lady who was always sick" for future generations to read about. I can't even remember the last time my picture was taken.
I love reading Cathy Z's blog because she really makes everything so fun! I hope whoever wins these two classes learn lots and have a great time!


I sometimes scrapbook about myself but I'd love to do more!


I am occasionally in the pages of the scrapbook, not much, but not never.


Out of the many hours of SBking I've done, very little is about myself. I am just know trying to learn how to do it.

Maryanne Blahey

I have never never scrapbook a story of me, my life. I had a very hard life growing up with fighting parents. There are a lot things you don't understand as a kid but as an adult, you see things differently. This might give a me understanding and closure on a lot of things. So therefore doing this story of me, might be a good thing.


Let's just say that I am getting a little better...


I made an album all about me about 9 years ago, before I became a mom, and now it is one of my kids' favorites. But that was the last time I scrapped my story. I would love to win a seat in this class.

Marie H

I would have to say about once every decade I make an attempt. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't.


I would love to win this class. I never scrapbook about myself.

Melitta Ball

"What's That?" I hardly make it into the photographs! I always thing 'one day' but it hasn't arrived yet
:( I think I just don't know where to start! There are not a lot of photos from my youth as I grew up when a camera, film and flash bulbs were a privilege, only used on special occasions. So now what? No photos! How do I tell my story?
Many Blessings,

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