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Angela Dennison

What I love most about scrapbooking is playing with all the gorgeous supplies! It's like elementary school art class all over again!

Helen Van Daalen

I like scrap booking because it allows me to record memories and years later look back and remember the fine details.

Carrie Stevens

I LOVE all the great friends I have met through this amazing hobby!


I'd love to play with the treasures!!!! I love Scrapbooking, because it lets me be creative, with the added bonus of recording our memories!

betty lou

I'm scrapbooking my grandson's kindergarten year, and he is helping with the journaling.....loving his stories and comments! Special times!!

Laura T.

I love that I am recording my families (especially my kids) memories. I love looking through old scrapbooks and seeing "things we did." I'm so thankful that I love taking pictures and putting them into scrapbooks.

Laura Turcotte

This would be awesome to win---so wish there would be an event like this in Montreal---I'd be there in a heartbeat!!!
Love scrapbooking--love the inspiration, love the pretty supplies, the times shared over scrapbooking, and the best part, at least for me, is seeing the finished product and my family's faces when they look through an album. They remember. That is what it is all about, no? Remembering; preserving.

Thanks for the chance.

Carla Hundley

Thanks for the giveaway!
Great move on your part.
I love to make things
and using all the
available goodies makes
it fun and exciting!
Carla from Utah

Sue Fearon

The bling baby...it's all about the bling! The only thing better is meeting new friends who also love bling!


Scrapbooking gives me time to myself and catching my kids absorbed in the albums.


I love that there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook. Every page is an original work of art.

barbara macaskill

The thing I love most about scrapbooking is that I am able to memorialize our family for future generations. The people are absolutely THE BEST group of people that I have ever known. So friendly, helpful, caring and just wonderful. Most of the people are FB or blog friends but they still care about you as if you know each other IRL!
Winning a goodie bag would be amazing because it would be the only way I could get one since I am unable to travel or attend events due to health issues.
I will be crossing my fingers and hope to see my name!! My birthday is on October 4th so this would be a fabulous (and probably the only) gift that I receive! Thanks for the chance to hope and dream!

Amber M.

I'm so envious of you all together having a wonderful time!!! I hope you will announce a Saskatoon date soon!! What do I love about scrapbooking ... well, everything, really! I love the pretty paper and embellisments and the rich colours. I love the concept - preserving memories and stories. I love the camaradary of it, the sense of community. It is a happy obsession for me and I happen to share it with two of my sisters, so getting together with them (and my young daughter) means excellent quality family time too. Enjoy your weekend!!!

Suzi Metcalfe

I love that I can explore my creative side. I didn't know I had one until recently. A whole new world has opened up to me.

Melanie S

What I love most about scrapbooking are the memories I'm putting in books.

Miriam Prantner

I love that I'm doing something special for my kids that they appreciate now, and will appreciate more and more as they grow up.


I get to tell stories that I want to remember!

Sandy Ross

I work in a very technical job, so scrapbooking allows me to express my creative side and record cherished memories forever and ever!

Kelly Massman

I love that scrapbooking keeps my memories alive and it makes me feel ever so slightly creative! TFS!

Lynne T.

I love all the paper and supplies. I should use more of what I have but sometimes I just like looking at them.


I want one too! I wan't to win.... Please, please, please with a cherry on top! ;)

Amy C.

I love that it's an outlet for my creative side!


I love remembering our stories, and documenting them for my kids and eventually their kids. I love touching and using my supplies (I also have a small addiction to collecting them!). I love the changes in the scrapbooking industry, from the decorative scissors I started with 25 years ago, to the so super cool and fun products that are abundant now. And, since I am trying to go back and scrap my kids' lives, I feel 10 years younger because right now I am working on 2004 - LOL!


Scrapbooking is an organized way to preserve life's experiences and special moments. A creative way to capture memories.

michelle t

I love to immerse myself in the stories of my family, our lives together. I love technique and the creative process and the beautiful paper. But deep down that's my time to remember the story, and what it means to me. Thank you so much for a chance to win. Michelle t

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