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Kelly A. Crowl

All of the cards are so unique and fresh! Love those designs!


Beautiful cards!!!

Kathy P

Such cute cards...love the colors and great stamping and die cutting!

Valerie Breingan

Our second year of marriage on Valentines day my hubby had a little special s uprising waiting for me in his truck toolbox,he hid it there cuz he thought I'd find it,well when he came in that eve he asked me to go get his pliers for him plz,an ofcourse I zip out there but if you know anything about Florida our heat is oppressive .Well when I opened his tool box let's just say those were the most delicious set of pliers,screwdrivers I'd ever seen covered in a whole blob of chocolate . I LAUGHED SO HARD AT HIM FOR NOT C ON SIZE ING THE HEAT.

Janet Cobb

My husband always bought me one single rose and spent forever picking out the perfect card, then writing the most special note inside.
Even after he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, he insisted on being taken to pick out my card for Valentine's Day. He had to depend on our son to pick up the rose for him, though, because I could never convince him to not worry about it, that having him with me was more than enough. I lost my husband in 2011 after 40 years of marriage, and my son still brings me the single rose every year...from his dad! <3

barbara macaskill

We don't really do anything for Valentine's day because he shows me every day how much he loves me and I try to return that to him. Before we reached this point though he sent me a dozen long stemmed red roses to work and I was the talk of the office because it was signed by another man. I was VERY confused as to why that man was sending me flowers and did not bring them home because I couldn't explain why I received flowers from a man I did not even know. That night hubby seemed upset with me and I couldn't figure out why. The next day the florist called me and explained that they had gotten the cards mixed up with my flowers and another ladies flowers. I brought the flowers home that night and hubby asked when they were delivered. I explained what had gone on and found out that the night before he was upset that I hadn't brought them home or even mentioned them. We laugh about the Valentine's Day that another man sent me flowers! LOL
These cards are all so pretty!! TFS!

Jean Marmo

Wonderful inspiratioN!

Lynn Gauthier

Awesome Paper Smooches products. So very nicely done on all.
We were on a trip to CA and for Valentines Day, I wanted to go to this Mall to purchase some Sea's candy. Well, my Hubby refused to pay for the candy. The Lady behind the counter said, Would you like a free sample. Well, Yah! So I reached for mine and I see another arm reach for the other and I slapped it thinking it was my Hubby and if he wasn't going to pay for my candy, he wasn't getting any free samples. When I turned to tell him that, here was this little Chinese man and I was so stinkin' embarrassed I wanted to crawl away! The little Chinese man said, If you were my Wife; I would pay for your candy and he gave me a great big smile. Oh My Gosh! I paid for my candy and left with my Hubby LHAO!!!! Geesh!

TracyM #6773

Paper Smooches are always so cute, fun and pretty!!! LOVE the cards Kim's DT have shared with us :)
We don't do anything for Valentine's Day any more. Now we give each other special cards throughout the year ... a card filled with love is always a sweet surprise. What a coincidence, I have my most one recent on display - it is such a wonderful feeling to know that you're loved!!!

Dorina D

Very cute cards and so well done. No stories to tell as I don't celebrate Valentine's day.


Fabulous V-day projects! Love PS products! One of my favorite Valentine's Day was when my hubby planned a scavenger hunt throughout the house where he had hidden fun presents and surprises!

Melissa DeMonic

This BEE likes the Bee valentine card.
"Sunshine HoneyBee"

Kari V.

I love these love cards! For Valentines Day we like to stay home and grill our own dinner. One year we went out and even had reservations... But still had a three hour wait!!

Barb C

Love the cards today!

Kathleen Spaeth

I Love (Sorry) making Valentine's Day Cards and mailing them to all our Neices and Nephews. One year I got so busy, traveling for work, and my Cards were a week late. Wouldn't you know that the Kids complained and wondered what was wrong with Auntie! They have kept every Valentine, they are in their Late Teens now, and one year I made a Book for their Valentine's to be placed inside. It makes me smile to think that they appreciate all the Love that I have put into their Cards. This year we have all gotten together to make Valentine's Day Cards to donate to different Children's Hospitals. Even if you don't celebrate, which I do also with my loving Husband and Family, you could bring a Smile (and a Laugh) to an ill Child (and their Family). Reach out and use your Paper Crafting Skills to help someone else! The Deadlines for Shipment are fast approaching (by 1/31) or go over to your Local Nursing Home and drop off some Valentine's. Those Residents don't have access to a Store and they can use your Home Made Card to give to their Family Members.

Christine Kiehl

What a delightful batch of LOVE cards!

Nancy L.

I just do valentines with the youngest for his school. I've done valentines with my co-workers once. Cute pencils and punched hearts!

joy meadows

No Valentine stories to share, but I will say that I love the cards shown today! Love the punched hearts!

Donna O.

My best Valentine's ever was the year that me got married in 2005! On Valentine's Day of that year, they - the doctors - fixed my husband-to-be's heart. He got his first pacemaker to pace his heart and to shock it if it started beating too fast. WE are coming up on 10 years of marriage that have been the best in my life! So thankful to the Lord

PS: Love all the die cuts!


Try to eat lots of chocolate with the family. Love the cards.

Syd Dyck

What awesome, colorful, and fun looking cards!! These could be used for so many other occasions too.

Pat McCleary

Great cards! Love the teapot & Laura Bassen's card is so sweet, complete with her wonderful rainbow.

Linda cook

Cards are the focus for my Valentines Day. I usually make one for my husband and always make them for my grandkids. I have a lot of fun with it. These cards have such cute elements and could be so much fun for adults or kids.

F Bond

Well I am one of the few people who don't like chocolate. But my husband knew that I ate licorice when we were in college. So for our first valentine's day he went and had the people at the store shape it into hearts and put them in a heart shaped box- so sweet!

Sybrina K

Wonderful cards! I especially love the bee carrying a heart. So creative.

My favorite Valentine's Day story goes back to when my husband and I were engaged. We were both teachers at the same high school. That morning, I found a bag of Godiva open oyster candies in my mailbox. What a wonderful way to start the day! :)

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