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Love my magazine I receive - blog is great but I like to hold it in my hands!

Michelle Mrris

I love that you are very social on social media! With practically very few actual freestanding scrapbooking stores open and printed magazines all mostly gone, you guys give me so much inspiration to continue to do what I love, and what makes me happy :-)

Sharon K.

My first love is that I can still hold it in my hands! It's paper, meant to be marked on, corners folded over to your favourite articles or pages removed and put up on your wall for projects to try, new products and how to use them. The magazines bold use of colour and pictures makes you want to look at it over and over and to share it with others. Creative projects, a chance to communicate, blog with others that share your craft world all add up to a win win magazine. The talented people that make up SCT magazine and their friendly exuberance at what they do is simply contagious. Love SCT magazine

Sharon K.

You get to go to amazing places we could only dream of going to like CHA...seeing the latest products, meeting the designers behind them and doing a little creating for yourself as well..then bring it back to share with us. What a great experience, what a great JOB, what a great magazine!

Susan Samuel

I love the variety you give giving great inspiration to all who read the mag.


What's not to LOVE?
My fave...all the ideas that I can copy and steal! :-)


There is lots of inspiration and I love that you feature Cathy Z and Ali E.

April W

I love the variety of what you offer!!
- April W

Debra Ford

I love Cardmaps


I just love seeing the different ideas that everyone has. I'm a huge fan of color, which your designs never lack.

Nina Oelke

I love absolutely everything about SCT :)


I love Catherine. That.is.all. Seriously, love everything about the mag. And Crop & Create! The events are just fabulous!!! :)

Adriana Angeles

Hello! I love that the magazine is full of inspiration. I love how it is printed, the colours and paper are great quality. I also love that you always have doodlebug designs products, and of course the giveaways!!

Nancy Carroll

I love learning about the new tools, browsing the different styles of cards and trends to get inspiration. I like how you help keep the crafting community a community! Thanks for all that and all the wonderful prizes you offer to your followers, like this.

Jenelle Reyes

I love SCT because it inspires me and provides me with info on new techniques and products. I like to see the trends that develop in card making and I also love your blog!

Roz Kelly

I love that Scrapbook & Cards Today is Canadian!! Of course, all the artwork and inspiration you provide is pretty awesome too!

Brenda Olvera

I Love the 10 must-haves!!

Lynn Darda

I LOVE having a print magazine to have right on my work table to inspire me when I need an idea.

Sue MacGowan

I love the gifts included with each issue. And all of the wonderful ideas and techniques.

Diana Haines

I love that when you put new ideas out there I can make them my own by small changes. I like that different embellishments are shown in many different ways. Thank You!!!

Chelsea Gay

I love all the inspiration your magazine gives me! Everytime I look through it, I get so many ideas on new layouts to make! Also, I'm not the best card maker, but when I look through the magazine, I get the inspiration I need to get cards made! Thank you so much for the chance to win! I've seen all the new products coming out, and it would be so awesome to get some of them!!


They love the neatness and delicacy of the work presented, are a visual delight !!

Valerie W

Would love to win a mystery box. Love your magazine.


Your inspiration is the best. Your blog any magazine are just filled with it. Thanks for that. And thanks for all the prizes we have a chance to win.


I enjoy getting the ideas and changing them with a bit of my own flair!!

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