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Judy Stiles

My favorite birthday memory ... getting an Easy Bake Oven as a child!

Judy Stiles

My favorite birthday memory ... getting an Easy Bake Oven as a child!

Judy Stiles

My favorite birthday memory ... getting an Easy Bake Oven as a child!


I am so excited that Echo Park has finally come aboard! I love that the top Birthday Wishes collection is traditional colours but tweaked to make it feel fresh. Beautiful!

It's hard to pick one favorite birthday, but one of the most memorable was in junior high when I thought all my friends had forgotten my birthday but they had schemed with my mom to surprise me with a birthday dinner out! I was absolutely shocked!


All birthdays are special and getting together with family is the best present ever. We now celebrate with our little grandchildren and see just how much more goes into birthdays these day. Would just love to win this Birthday Wishes Collection from Echo Park, oh the cards I could create with it. So beautiful. Welcome Echo Park and Carta Bella you have come to the right place!

Amy M. C.

All my birthdays are special! Time with loved ones is the most important.

Laura Turcotte

My fave birthday has got to be when my boys were old enough to make me a homemade birthday card with their writing on it...

Tammi Boonstoppel

My favorite birthday memory was the year a gentleman from our church brought me a whole trunk full of gladiolus for my birthday! I had vases everywhere full of beautiful flowers, 3 days later my middle daughter was born and I missed the flowers so he brought me a bunch more new ones to enjoy! I felt very special!


Birthdays always meant family and cake! ;-)

Debbie Lou

One of my favorite birthday memories is when our 5 children made me a birthday greeting which said Happy Birthday Mom out of their erector set! Precious!

Angelika Ushakova

My favourite birthday was my Alice in Wonderland themed 23rd birthday party... I had so much fun planning it with my friends and I even had out of town guests come all the way just to see me for my birthday.

Marilyn E

The birthday giveaway is amazing! I have many favorite birthdays, but probably there are two...when I was 6 my Dad bought me an ice cream maker and he and I stayed up forever making ice cream. It was fun and very messy!
When I turned 50 my husband had a surprise party for me. Since I live several hours from my family, my husband had my closest friends and family from here and far away come. It was a girl's night and everyone spent the night (except for him, he stayed at a motel). He stocked the house with food and wine, hired a girl to do the party, decorate and brought along a massage therapist! It was such a surprise and so much fun! The biggest surprise, he is not one to do something like this, made it even more special!


My favorite birthday memory is my 8th birthday when I got my lavendar bike with a flowered banana seat and handlebar tassels (yes, I guess I am dating myself!).

I {heart} EP! Thanks for the prize chance.

Jena Baker

One of my best birthday memories was the surprise party my parents threw for me on my 17th birthday. It was on a Saturday and they had all of my friends and boyfriend come over to my house early in the morning. I was still in bed sleeping and all of them snuck into my room with a candle lit cake singing happy birthday. I was so surprised when I woke up I did not know what to do!

Chistine Kiehl

Nothing starts Friday better than a giveaway! Thank you for always giving away the goodies!

Peggy Sobey

Birthday memories.. So many but I'm going to tell you about this year. On the actual day I was housebound due to a snowstorm! But I had dinner out with a friend a couple of days before and, then a couple of days after, I went to card-making class and was surprised with a little celebration afterwards! Nothing like extending the fun! Scrapbookers and card makers are a great bunch of people.

Tami B

When you're as old as I am, it is very hard to come up with one favorite birthday memory. I will be looking for the Birthday Wishes Girl papers in my local store for sure.

Chris Baker Cox

My favorite birthday memories are the sleepovers I used to have with my friends. My mom made homemade pizza which was delicious, and she always made a 4 layer chocolate/yellow cake with "3 Musketeer" frosting between the layers and chocolate frosting on the outside...TO DIE FOR! So much fun!!

Valerie W

My favourite memory is being with my family on my birthday.


For my 50th BD, my husband took me to France. We celebrated my "day" in a local restauant in a tiny town in Languedoc region. Loved the dinner wine so much, we tracked down the winery and brought some bottles home.

Debby MacLean

Welcome Echo Park and Carta Bella - I love scrapbooking with your paper and embellies.

My favorite birthday party would have to be when I turned 40....it seemed it was a party for a week and I just felt so special by my husband and two boys and also my friends. One of the things my husband did for me was he hired a "singing telegram" to come to my work - that was my first time I ever got one of those and I so enjoyed it along with my co-workers. Thanks Echo Park - have a great day!

Sharon P.

It is lovely to read some of the comments, especially the one from Cindy in which her husband gave her a scrapbook that he made!
Just wonderful! My favourite birthdays are always the ones in which my family makes me a a home cook meal with a cake! Those are always more special to me then being taken to a restaurant.

Terri Damgaard

Every year my family makes me feel special on my birthday. Love the Echo Park giveaway!

Jenn Zawadzki

More great partners to have. Thanks for the giveaway.

Jenn Z

Iris Soscia

One of my favorite childhood birthday memories from many years ago, is going "down town" with my Dad and my twin sister to pick out our own birthday gifts. One of us got a toy kitchen stove and the other got a toy kitchen sink. I can't remember now which one of us got the stove and which one got the sink. I just remember that we thought it was a big deal to ride the bus downtown go shopping with our Daddy.
isoscia at aol dot com

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