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KT Fit Kitty

My favourite summer activity is trail walking or beach walking. Thank you for your giveaway - I would love to have a look at your magazine!

Julie S.

Warm summer days at our "cabin"...fishing, visiting friends, being lazy! Can't get any better! Sitting on the deck fingering magazine pages (Scrapbook & Cards Today) is a great way to spend an afternoon too!


Family barbeques have been a favorite since I was little!

Maureen Bickham

My favotite activity for summer is having family all over for a BBQ and the kids having water fights and siblings reminicing about past memories...and of course WATERMELON!

Annie Peterson

My favorite summer activity is . . . scrapbooking! During the school year, life is hectic and my scrapping time comes in bits and pieces. During the summer, I have entire days free to scrap to my heart's content. Of course, there are days that the sunshine beckons me outdoors. When it does, I must answer its call with a glass of iced tea and favorite magazine in hand -- preferably the summer issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today!

June Henson

I recently found your blog and now get the emails. It would be awesome to receive a subscription to your magazine and share with my friends. Thank you for the chance to win.


My fave summer activity is eating ice cold watermelon (WHILE CAMPING is even better!)


camping is my favourite summer time activity - however, we camp all year long! thanks for the chance to win a subscription


My favorite summer thing is playing with my granddaughter (but it's also a spring and fall and winter thing!!). This summer, I get to add playing with a brand new granddaughter in July!! Can't wait.


A free year's subscription would be fabulous. Love bringing the grandkids or even going by myself to the nature park to see which animals we get to see that day!

Teresa M

Favourite summer activity is having friends and family over for bbq's. Would love to win this subscription. Your magazine is so inspiring!

Sandi Weaver

I love this magazine and would be delighted to win a subscription!
My favorite summer activity is having a beach day with my daughter and her family!


My favorite summertime activity is grilling out juicy hamburgers! I really hope to win this subscription!! Thanks you!

Christine C.

My favourite summer activity is walking on the beach.

Maryann S

I think I'd have to say my favorite summer time activity would be going to the trailer on weekends to get out of the city. Such wonderful down time & a chance to catch up with all our like minded friends at the park! The air - the water - the quiet ...... nothing quite like it. Oh - & everything is BBQ'd too - so yummy. But one of the most fun things for me - I set up a project to take with me & scrap & create at the table outdoors while hubby has his afternoon nap! Perfect!!! I find lots of new inspiration. It would be extra special to have a new copy of SCT in my hands - my older ones are starting to show the wear ..... ☺️ Thanks for the chance to win! You ROCK SCT!! 💖

Pat Gelston

Hard to decide but I think sitting on a low beach chair where the waves end, reading a good book and only moving when the waves don't reach me (tide going out) or moving back when threatened to get splashed out of my chair.

love the flowers, shady trees, summer rains, sunny days, the beach, watching the waves, the smell of fresh fertile dirt, fresh fruit and vegetables,grilling out, cool drinks, reading a good book, etc.


What a great chance to get this in hard copy again. Favourite summer activity - going to the closest lake with the kids and playing in the water and "mud" on the shoreline.

Rachel V

My favorite summer activity is not driving my kids around to 3 different schools every day!

Stephanie Rodgers

Favorite summer activity? The easy answer is, anything outside, especially at the beach (love our Jersey shore!), but to pick one specific thing, I'd have to say kayaking with my sweet hubby!

Claudine Laforce

I LOVE Scrapbook and Cards Today! Summer for me is all about family. I have a large extended family and mid-summer is the time for us all to get together and have fun! I always create several spreads from these days. :)

Therese Arsenault

This year will be enjoying time with our new grandson. He will be 5 months old in August. And My vegetable garden. We decided to plant more food and less flowers. On rainy days, cardmaking indoors.

Maria Teresa Dittig

Driving around in our 1999 BMW convertible....it's my time with my wonderful husband...it's my favorite summer activity...Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win the year subscription ...really appreciate it !

Marlene Freylinger

I would love to win a subscription. I don't read books in the bath anymore as I keep dropping them in the water!!! It's amazing how they dry so well...

My favourite part of the summer is when we go camping...I'm already planning for our trip. Your magazine always has good summer page to follow as a guide. Thank you.


Our sailboat launches next week! Sailing on Georgian Bay is by far our favourite activity. Thanks for the chance to win a subscription to your wonderful magazine.

Sandy Chamberlain

My favourite summer activity is going to my sister-in-laws cottage in Kearny. I love sitting on the deck with a good book, swimming in the icy cold water and just enjoying the sounds of nature. I would love to win the subscription to have the latest issue to enjoy on that deck.

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