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This looks like a fun kit.
Congrats to the winners!

Jen Naus

Love those gold foil hearts!

Linda S

Wow...the giveaway looks awesome! It Would be great to win.
Always start my morning with a veggie/fruit smoothie.

Amy M. C.

My favorite morning beverage is iced coffee. Thanks for the chance to win this pretty kit!

Glenda Thorne

I see some wonderful GOLD embellishments included in this kit, yeah! Coca Daisy has done it again. Thanks for the chance.

barbara macaskill

Most days I am a MUST HAVE COFFEE person but once in a while all I need to get me going is a big glass of ice water!
LOVE this kit! Especially the gold hearts and the "incandescently happy" sentiment!!! TFS!


I love the shiny metallic. I am of course a starbucks girl. Caramel Machiatto or a caramel Frap. Both are delicious!

Barb L

I drink coffee in the morning. I think I should switch to a smoothie, that would be my breakfast too.


Looks like a fantastic kit!! My fave morning beverage is my tea. Cannot start my day right without it!!

Nancy L.

Awesome collection!


Coffee!!! What a fun kit 😍

Brandi R

What a fabulous kit! Thank you for the chance to win it ♥

I am most definitely a "I don't function before I've had some coffee" girl LOL

Kristine Connor

So I am vccoffee for a reason. I've loved coffee for so long. It would be SO great to win this one.😀

Laura Turcotte

What a great looking kit! I am defintiely a coffee-first-thing-in-the-morning gal! At least 2 large cups before I functional at all! lol

Tina Phillips (TK)

I can't live or function without my coffee!!! This is an amazing kit, thanks so much for a chance to win!

Chris Baker Cox

Gorgeous kit! My favorite morning beverage is a large Diet Coke from McDonalds. I know it's not good for you...but I can't help myself! I have never been a coffee lover, although I do love the smell of it! :)

Jean marmo

Coffee is a must!! hot and black!! What a wonderful kit filled with fun gold items. Thank you for the chance to win!!

Carla  Hundley

Cute looking giveaway gift!
I have Fat Free Skim Milk
in the mornings with my
cereal. Don't drink coffee.
Carla from Utah


For 65 years I never drank tea or coffee - and then I received as a surprise gift a Tassimo - and a whole new life unfolded of Caramel Machiatos and cappuccinos right in my own kitchen! And now MacDonalds has a medium iced coffee all summer for $1.00 - I'm hooked! If I win, I'll use the kit with coffee cups to scrap this life changing event!


Love to win this kit:-). My morning drink is a smoothie with fruits and kale and spinach:-)))


That's an adorable kit. Thanks for the opportunity to win one :)

I need coffee in the morning. Otherwise my eyes won't even open. And don't bother talking to me before my first cup of coffee, I just don't hear it :D


I start my morning with tea! But forget that, look at that kit! Who could not love something with a quote from Elizabeth Darcy? (At least the movie one!) sigh.....

Pam Lewis

Hot water, then coffee. And a little Cocoa Daisy to accompany it would be marvellous. You guys rock!


Love this kit!!! My favorite is coffee - Highlander Grogg please!

Miriam Prantner

What a great kit! I'm not a coffee drinker, I just usually have some water in the morning.

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