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Jen R.

Just ice water in the morning for me :) Love this kit!

Darlene Almquist

A few times a month I like to sneak away to Starbucks for a special coffee.

Kristine Gifford

Very cute kit. I start my mornings with a big glass of water. That's it! Just water.

tonya dull

Must Have Coffee! Love the coffee cups!

Mary Moore

Coffee, Coffee, where's my coffee!


What a pretty collection! I am a coffee lover. I used to brew a cup in the mornings and then accidentally leave it by the door when I left for work. My husband got a kick out of it, but it sure left me frustrated...and tired. So one day he showed up at work with a Kurig for my desk! What a guy huh?


Earl Grey Tea. Thanks for the chance to win!

Pam Hilton

I am a I need my tea type person!!!
What a beautiful and fun set. Thanks for the chance to win it.
Good Luck everyone!


looks fantastic - lots of fun!
love my milk in the morning!

Nicole Frick

A Tim Horton's Iced Cappucino...with chocolate milk! It's the best!

Pauline Johnson

I am a must have coffee drinker in the morning and then am good for the day. Love the collection you are so kind to share.

Beverly Jordan

Love Cocoa daisy sand their imaginative kits!! So inspiring and makes me giddy with excitement when I see all the fun stuff in each one!

Mélissa Mailhot

WOW ! such goodies! I like cocoa coffee in the morning in front of cocoa daisy kits! That's always a good way to start the day :)

Grace Tolman

What a great compilation of products. I love those gold foil images. Thank you for this chance.


I am definitely a "where is my tea" person ;)in the morning. What an awesome give away! Dreaming of all the crafty goodness I could create with it already! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

Gail L.



Must have coffee -- don't talk to me until I have had it! I would love to win the kit! Super adorable products!

Stacie D

Love this CD kit! I am all about the coffee, but love tea later in the evening!


My morning beverage? Since I don't drink coffee I have to say skim milk. I love my skim milk :-). This is a beautiful kit, love the colours and cards. Thank you for the chance to win this kit.

B. Dotson

My favorite morning beverage happens to be my favorite afternoon and evening beverage - water! This cute looks beautiful . . . especially those gold hearts and the Poolside frames! Thanks!

Sandy Ginn

Oh man what would my mornings be like without coffee? Probably won't ever find out lol! Great kit and thanks for the giveaway!


Totally coffee! And then again later!


My breakfast morning drink is a little cup of cuban coffee! There's nothing like a shot of espresso to get you up in the morning!!

Bernice Pierre

Love this collection! Great colors and designs!

Ann Edwards

My morning "must" is definitely coffee. If it hasn't brewed using the auto function, turning on the coffee pot is the first thing I do on getting out of bed! I can see so many cute projects using this great gift kit. Thanks for the chance to win it.

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