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I love those Cocoa Daisy kits, thanks for the chance to win. Congrats to all the winners

Diane M

I am definitely a coffee person. Can't start without it!

Lynne in NI

Must have tea! (preferably 2 cups!)
Gorgeous kit, love the colours


I don't have a morning drink. I like to start with a bowl of Life cereal.


I absolutely have to have two cups of coffee in the morning. I'm a morning person but have two have my jolt of caffeine first! Thanks for the chance to win. The kit looks great.

jennifer reynard

Coffee, at least 2 cups before I move!! LOL such a perfect kit for summer, and my eye first went to the coffee cups and the BLah, Blah, Blah, lots of fun, fresh ideas. Would love to win !!!

Lynn Ekstrom

Love the foil hearts. This kit is amazing!

Valerie S.

Fun kit - love the colors! I don't do coffee or tea - just water. Yes, I am boring!

MaryAnn N

Love. My coffee.,
Lovely kit


This looks like such a fun and cute kit to play with - so many possibilities!

Marcia scantlin

Have to have my cup of Gloria Jean's flavored coffee. It's the best.

Nina Oelke

Another awesome kit from Cocoa Daisy. It looks like it would be so much fun to work with. I don't drink tea or coffee. Summer is usually water in the morning and winter it is light hot chocolate. Thanks for this great opportunity SCT and to Cocoa Daisy for providing such an awesome kit.


My morning beverage is for sure "coffee" before I am even coherent! Would love to win this fantastic kit! Thank you and Cocoa Daisy for the chance to win! Winning would be a nice wake-up call, too!


LOVE this kit! I would love to win. No coffee for me - usually tea...hot in the cool weather, iced in the summer.

Jessica Brown

I am a coffee person in the morning. I do like tea though, especially after dinner. I LOVE this kit! I could really use it for project life! You always have the best giveaways!


I am definitely a coffee person - noticed there are some in the kit as stickers perhaps?

Cynthia B.

Great-looking kit! I wake up to a cup of coffee. Lately, since it's been so hot, it has to be iced coffee. Thanks for the chance to win!


Coffee is definitely my favorite! Love this kit!

Tina Campbell

LOve the gold heart, what the heck love the whole kit :) I am a Coffee morning person :)

Jennifer Scull

congrats to the winners!

what a fun collection! I started out as a tea person, spent the past 20 years as a coffee addict, and am now going back to tea again. actually, never stopped drinking tea, just added coffee to the mix for a while! :) I love to blend my own teas, especially in the summer.

Karen Meyer

Such a fun collection and love the GOLD! I'm a 'must have' morning cup of coffee drinker. Thanks for the chance to win!

Roxane F

Coffee with sugar free hazelnut creamer! Love Cocoa Daisy, this kit looks awesome! Thanks for a chance to win!

Monique Leslie

I love this kit. Its so cute and fresh.
I am a big glass of water or gatorade gal lately. I live in a desert so its dry dry dry.


Oh wow, what a beautiful kit. I always start my day with coffee, but soon after starts my intake of water; just can't get enough of that.


That kit looks fab. How I would love to do some early morning scrapping with that and a can of Coke Zero.

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