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Beverley Million

If I had a glamper I would go to Maine and see the lighthouses along the coast! I have never been there before, so it is definitely on my bucket list!

Kelly Massman

the glamper is adorable-i'd go up the oregon coast!

Jody Ward

In my fabulous glamper, I would go across Canada to see all the amazing landscapes we have in our country.

Carey Nusbaum

If I had a glamper I would head to the Gulf and set up stakes! I love the Gulf of Mexico! I would head to the beach, set up a chair in the sand, and have a margarita while taking in the spectacular views. Ahhhh...paradise! Thank you Sizzix for the great glamper giveaway!

Jennifer Scull

oh what a cutie die!
if I had a 'glamper', I would start on the eastern seaboard and travel all across the country with my hubby and dog until I reached the other side! :) of course it would be ideal to have a Mysterious Benefactor who would underwrite the entire trip! tee hee! maybe I could blog & craft/scrap the entire journey.... what fun that would be!


We actually used a min-glamper and had a blast at the coast. It was great when it rained to be inside with electricity! If I had a real glamper I would hit the big national parks!


I' "glamper" all the way to the west coast to see friends & family, what a way to travel!!!

Amy Cooley

If I had a glamper I would take it to Montana!


OH if I had a glamer I would run away from home and go to the coast for a visit! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway! and thanks Sizzix! Love the creativity!

Sandy Carveth

A glamper would take me up the Alaska Hwy.! Talk about beauty and perfect weather!

Jean Marmo

What fun! Never had a glamper - just a little camper. I would take this 2 1/2 hours north to meet up with my sisters! We could play and create and have fun!


If I had a glamper I would go back to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. When my husband was alive we wintered down there every year. I'd like to go back and see what has changed and what has stayed the same. Cute trailer.
thanks for sharing some wonderful projects.

Dee Bee

If I had a "glamper" and it could go anywhere (and outfitted with a great crafting area) I would travel across the UK

Karen Lingel

If I had a glamper, I would go to Monterey CA and scrapbook by the ocean. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Chris Baker Cox

If I had a "glamper" I would take it to Yellowstone. I have always wanted to go there!

Chris Cross

That little "glamper" is so cute!! Would love to crawl in it and travel West.

barbara macaskill

If I had a Glamper and was able to go glamping I would go cross country from one end to the other and back again to visit all of my favorite crafting companies!! Of course I would probably need a semi truck to deliver all the goodies I would have to get at each stop! LOL
Thanks for the chance to heat my summer up just a bit more!!! Left Sizzix lots of love!

C.D. McKinnon

I would definitely head to 'Big Sky" country in Montana!

Tina Phillips (TK)

I'd head for the mountains where no one could find me!!!

Janice B

Adorable. I would take my glamper back to Ontario to the Manitoulin Island.

Monique Leslie

If I had a glamper i would go up and down the California coast. Parking it right out alongside the beaches. So i could listen to the waves all night and wake up to the ocean air while crafting the day away and occasionally jumping in the water.

Deb V

If I only had a glamper! I surely would travel across the Midwest
and the southwest, especially the Grand Canyon.


What a cute die! If I had a glamper I would go to every scrapbook convention all across the U.S. Thanks SCT.

Sharon P.

If I had a glamper I would travel to the Atlantic provinces!

Alysia H

If I had a glamper I would love to visit Canada!

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