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Debbie Ford

I love that I can see it online and never lose it in my scrapbook room so the ideas are always there for me


I love the daily blog, Pinterest and FB posts for lots of inspiration!

snazzy jj

I love my "real magazine" and looking at it anywhere, any time. I also love your layout challenges on the blog.

Cathy V.

I love that I can download it for free :)

Carol Taylor

I love all the inspiration I get from seeing so many gifted crafters.

Pamela Morton

I love that SCT offers much inspiration from their website and fun contests. I love the card magazines that are available to help spark the creative process.


I love getting a paper magazine in the mail!

Laura Cavalier

I like the social media. I get so busy with work and my son that to see an inspiring project makes me smile and eager to get to my craft space at home.

Lynn Ekstrom

I love being able to hold a copy of the magazine and, it may sound weird, I love the smell of the paper used to make the magazine. I love the inspiration inside and the variety of projects showcased.

Denise Turner

Would love to win a mystery box. Excited that Becky Higgins is going to be at your Cornwall event!


How exciting! Just on the train to Cornwall now! Love Crop & Create! Love Crop & Create delivered! Love the magazine! Loving it all!

Sharon P.

I love reading the blog which showcases many great ideas from designers!

Brandi R

Oh what an exciting gifty! Favorite thing....I don't think there is a favorite. SCT rocks the whole way around! Love the inspiration, love the option for the free download, love the friendly nature of the SCT team....just EVERYTHING ♥


I love the inspiration you provide - especially the scrapbook layouts for LOTS of photos on each page because that is my style of scrapbooking. I also love the fact that I can view it on-line free of charge because $$ are tight and space is limited for hard copies.


A lady can never have too many scrapbook products and surprises are always fun.

Bonnie Kwasny

I love the magazine and I love love love the Crop and Create event. I can hardly wait for next year to see what fantastic workshops that are offered. It was my second time and I had an awesome time. Catherine and her team are top notch.


Love the kiits, love the magazine, love crop and create, love Jen , and love Catherine who always make s everyone feel so special.

Sarah Webb

I love the high quality of the magazine and the great pictures of all the projects! Thanks for the chance!

Debby MacLean

I met Catherine and her peeps a few years ago at my first Crop and Create in Moncton, New Brunswick and wow she took my love of scrapbooking and creating to the next level. She introduced me to her beautiful magazine, to all the creative members of her team at Crop and Create - Vicki Boutin, Angie Blom, Stacy Caron and most of all I got to know Catherine. She is very personable and caring person and absolutely loves what she does and she passes that on to all the scrapbookers out there. So to ask me what/who is my favorite - I would have to say Catherine and all the joy and goodies she brings to Scrapbookers. Thank you.

Tami B

I'm old school, I like having a real magazine that I can flip thru, and carry with me, and cut out pretty glossy pictures if/when I want to.

Alane Jackson

I love that card information is included with your magazine since I am primarily a card maker! Of course, anything that is, FREE, is awesome, love the downloads!!!

Kerri Haire

I love being able to have it on my iPad...then I never lose it in a pile of other mags and stuff. I have it with me wherever I go. Love the projects...lots of inspiration for sure!!

Mary Holshouser

I love the new techniques and tools are that featured in the magazine. It's a good way to find out what is good and what is not working so well.
Have fun playing while the boss is away.

Beth Shoemaker

Love all the ideas and being able to download for free. Would love to win the mystery box!

Margaret Roberts

I love having a real print magazine to hold in my hands; there are no more published in the US. But even more than that, I am so impressed with the quality - of the paper, of the the true colors, and of the content. SCT is the only magazine I actually keep - it's like a treasured book that one can't part with.

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