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Carla  Hundley

So glad you had a great
time in Utah! We have the
best companies here and
lots of inspiration from
all of them. Just send
that goodie pile to me
won't you!
Carla from Utah

Maureen W.

I'm so excited to see more about your planner!

LouAnn V

Sounds like a fun trip!

Janet Cobb

I have the perfect spot on my craft table for one of the boxes!!! Can't wait 'til tomorrow!

Rebecca Yahrling

What a fun trip ... and this is only part 1! How exciting for you! Your comment about the $18,500 coat reminded me of when we went to Rodeo Drive in L.A. Saw a really simple, but cute outfit in the window. Well, hubby wanted me to go try it on ... I said no way as it probably costs more than our car! haha Just window shopping, please.


It looks and sounds like you had an outstanding time in Utah! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos and stories from your trip. It must be so great to be abe to visit with the many partners you have worked with over these past 10 years and who have surely become friends. I especially loved reading about the Doodlebug Designs' office as I am a huge fan. The photos of their office depict exactly what I would have imagined their working space to look like: bright, cheery and full of color! Each company's offices look to be brimming with inspiration and beautiful displays. Thanks also for thinking of us while you were away and for bringing back fabulous goodies that we will have the chance to win. Your kindness and thoughtfulness are amazing! Looking forward to reading about the second part of your journey!

Helen Gullett

Wow! Your trip to Utah was full of fun and amazing meetings! Wonderful sneak peeks from your partners :)

Amy Cooley

It looks like you had an amazing trip! Of course I would like to win a box of goodies! Thanks!


Not only do these companies have great products, it looks like they have great people and would be a great place to work. Very jealous of your trip! Thanks for sharing.

Tara W

Thank you for sharing your trip! Who wouldn't love to win a box of goodies!!!

Mary Holshouser

The offices look great
Love that quilt.
Congratulations on you anniversary.

Lynne in NI

Wow, that looks like an amazing trip ... looking forward to part 2!

Gramma Dee

Wow! Sounds like a crafter's dream adventure! Love your insider look of all these company homes!

Alexandra Tompras

How exciting it must have been to visit all these amazing companies! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!


Sounds like quite the trip with lots of treats for the soul and the body!!! Looking forward to hearing more!


Wow looks like you had a great trip, the food sounds yummy and of course everyone was so welcoming - we are all paper crafters - the friendliest people in the world :)Looking forward to hearing and seeing more tomorrow.

Rebecca B. from FL

I really am thrilled to see the behind the scenes photos. That doodlebug quilt was amazing. I want to win THAT!

Sandy R

WOW...you traveled to so many AWESOME places....Fabulous product from them all....almost makes you wish you lived in Utah! Thanks for the tour!

Angela A

What an amazing time you must have had! I would have been in heaven! Thanks for the chance to win one of your goodie boxes! I promise it would be happy in my home!

Jennifer Scull

looks as if you had such a fun trip! you sure went to some great places!

as for the giveaway, I am holding my hand up REALLY high.... can you see it?! ;)

enjoy your weekend.

Deepa Lakshman

How excited to go and see these wonderful companies and their owners. I am sure you hit to see a lot of eye candy. Have more fun.

Pam Sohan

I"d love to go to Utah and visit some of the scrapbook companies that are there. I"m always jealous of the various warehouse sales. Thanks for the chance to win.

Greta H

What an incredible trip & your pictures are fabulous! Lots of wonderful crafting goodies from those companies & now I want to take a food tour through Utah--haha! Thanks for a chance to win!

Pam Lewis

Thank you for sharing your trip to Utah. Some scrappy friends and I have plans for a road trip their someday. Your photos and descriptions have reinforced that desire. Thank you Catherine for everything that you do for SCT and your readers - it's been a wonderful 10 years! Pam

Karen Smee

Wouldn't it be fun to work for one of these companies?! Or get into their warehouses!! Thanks for the chance to win a goodie box.

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