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Yay for Sunny Studio Stamps + Mendi!

Gramma Dee

I love the little penguins on these sets. So cute!!! One year I hope to choose one theme and stick to it for Christmas cards, and penguins are way high on my list!

As for future themes, I am looking for a "FAMILY" line, with images and words that could be used for scrapbook pages &/or cards.

Karen S

Nice stamp sets! Off to check out her Facebook page.


Oh, I just love these two sets. Winter is just my most favorite time of the year, much to the dismay of my family and friends. LOL!
These two sets are perfect with all snowflakes, scarves and hats. The penguins are adorable and I can envision dressing them up and setting them up in winter scenes. These sets are perfect and I hope that they will be available in stores. Love, love them. Great creations.
In future I love all animals.

Erin Probst

penguins! I love them!

Mel H

How about somethings with cute deer or foxes?


So stinking cute, I just love penguins. I would love to create with them so many possibilities I would love to see owls, and moose, and cute little critters. thanks for the opportunity.

Liliana Phillips

Love these penguins super cute! I would love to see school related stamps.

Caralyn Karaitis

While these stamps are amazing and cute, I would love to see an adult-like 'happy hour' stamp set. I made a b'day card for a 50 yrs old guy and on the inside I had hoped to find a stamp to mock up a bottle of bacardi rum or vodka, and a bar glass w ice cubes, but alas... I ended up w crazy birds cos cutesie just didn't seem to cut it for a man's 50th b'day.

The happy hour set could include a bottle, some labels to layer onto it, a martini glass, bar glass, beer bottle, wine glass, ect. with some accessories like ice cubes, lemon wedge, drinking straw/stir thingy, and coaster. A companion set could be a large pub table & stools to put said glasses on. There are a tiny handful of these out there but none are a collection. Just my thought tho. :)

Emily Thomas

These are adorable! I love things that are "paper doll" like. My daughter would have a blast dressing this little guy. I would also love to see a hedgehog theme!


These are adorable!

KT Fit Kitty

Sunny Studio is AWESOME! These stamp sets are so cute! Those penguins make me smile! So adorable!

Denise c.

So adorable! Makes me think of "Happy Feet".

Angela A

Wow, these stamps are super cute! I love the cute critters and sayings! I would love to see a "family" set. I can never get enough of those!

Lisa Edie

So cute, love the clever sentiments. Would love to see woodland creatures with spring accessories.

Liz McAllister

Since there are so many Christmas products in the blogosphere, I'd love to see some Valentine's Day items!

Jean Marmo

Such cute stamps! I would love some Mr. and Mrs sets. Both of my children were married within the past year.


Those stamps are so cute!! Owls, cute deer would be awesome!!


Those penguins are adorable!
I would like to see crowns for birthdays or babies, for example: a little prince/princess is born.
Thank you for the chance to win!

JoAnn H

so cute ... Love the Penguins

Berina Febin

These are so cute!! Love them!! As for the future, I always love flowers!! I would love to see different types of flowers.

Brandi R

Adorable sets. Those penguins are too cute.

Love Sunny Studio ♥


All your sets are beautiful... I checked out your web sight. Penguins in Valentine's day and St Patty's day...

Sue D

Very cute sets. I would like to see a farm animal set.

Geraldine Sawin

HI Great stamps. I would like to see reindeer, owls, skunks in the future.

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