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Kathleen D

One of my 2016 goals is to work on flexibility/agility.

Tamara Wilden

For the first time in 20 years our son with a developmental disability is not my daily responsibility. He is living in a group home with other individuals on the autism spectrum. I have mixed emotions about this shift, but I do realize that for the first time since he was born that I am able to focus a little more on myself. I am so looking forward to being fit in 2016 and this class would be a wonderful way to start!

Sue Moody

This class sounds wonderful


What an adorable layout. Thanks for sharing.
I would love to focus on spending more quality time with my family.
Crafty hugs,
*My crafty friend is Sue at http://suek86401.blogspot.com/


My goal for 2016 is to consistently chose the next right thing to do. I could really use something like this class to help,me with that.

Nikki sadler

My goal is to be consistent this year - do the activity and I'll see the results :)


Happy New Year! My resolution is to bring more peace to people around me.


Happy New Year! My main goal this year is to get healthy. I'd like to eat better, focus on improving my chronic illnesses, and live a more structured life.

Marsha D

I actually set a goal of loosing weight this year. I want to be healthy.


Goal? Can't control what happens - just my response to it - so good, kind, blood pressure lowering responses are my goal for 2016!

Larissa Heskett

SQUEAL!! Looks like such an AMAZING New Class!! =) I just want to LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST in 2016!! I want to NOT take things for granted and to ENJOY, LOVE, GIVE and make those around me HAPPY!! =) I'm battling Cancer so EACH DAY is a BLESSING and I want to make 2016 EXTRA SPECIAL and FULL of LIFE!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS New Year's Day/Weekend/YEAR!! =)

Lyn Bernatovich

My goal is to make fitness a consistent part of my life whether it be to take a walk, take a yoga class or Zumba tone. Good food choices go along with that too.

Marianne Scholes

My goal is to keep my body moving but slow my brain down. Life is just too short to keep sweating the small stuff!

Terri W

My goal for 2016 is to strive for those things I always thought I couldn't do. I am pretty excited to see how this effects me in the coming year.

Alison  L

One goal that I have for 2016 is to break my sugar addiction!


I have read many of the goals by SCT readers and they all seem to reflect mine.... To take care of me. I need to slow down and look at my life, my health and me.

Nicole M

This sounds really interesting! My goal for this year is to have a healthier lifestyle.


I LOVE it. My goal for the year is to be kinder to myself....


My goals for this year include cleaning & organizing my craft area, working on projects I have waiting (some 5+ yrs), spending more time with the Grandchildren & get on a better diet & exercise program.


Happy New years. My goals this year are to get into better shape physically, which would include walking, more, and eating less junk food. Also so have more time to scrapbook, and to see my granddaughter Aubrianne.

Michele H.

This sounds like the class for me! Have a wonderful new year!

Mary Nielson

Love this magazine! I pick it up every visit to the book store. Keep up the good published goodies!


My goal is simply to be more active - I think weight loss and more memories to scrapbook will necessarily follow!

Pam Young

My goal for 2016 is to quit drinking soda!! Would love a spot in the class!!


This class looks great. My goals this year are to stop needless worrying and to quit procrastinating with personal creative projects, not waiting for the 'perfect' whatever to present itself first. I need to just jump in! Thanks for the chance to win.

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