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Jenny Scrappygirl

One of my goals is to make walking a priority for my health.


Love your class idea! My #1 goal for 2016 is to take better care of me. Sounds a bit selfish, but I know my family will only benefit from this. Thanks!

Michelle Luck

I've always enjoyed staying fairly fit - I'm not much of a runner and certainly not a gym-junkie, but I've always loved sport. With my third baby, though, it's so hard just to get out of the house, and I can only walk at the speed my 3 year old can keep. This year, my goal for 2016 is to fit walking (at a speed resembling exercise) into every day.

Kimberli Bean

Organization is one of my goals for 2016 & it affects so much...everything from meal planning, exercising, scrapbooking, card making to general household stuff! Thanks for the chance to win, it sounds amazing & much needed!!

Jacque McCoy

One of my goals for 2016 is to start eating veggies. I hate veggies, so this is going to be a tough one for me :)


My main goal is to be and stay organized throughout the year. Started already in 2015 with setting up my bullet journal and it's working. I just need to perfect some details.
Thanks for the opportunity to join this nice class, I also need to dedicate to myself more this year and focus on what makes me smile, relax and happy :-)

Tara W

Now that I have gotten the rest of my family figured out with their health, 2016 is the year of me! I've let myself go while focusing on the needs of my other family members. So many things about myself that need to change and improve and this would give me that constant reminder!

Becky Redfern

My goals are to lose weight and make sure i have regular creative time.


Goal - getting fit enough to do a back packing trip with my daughter.


Still working on goals for 2015 . . . but would LOVE a spot in this class. Thanks for the chance to win!


My goal for 2016 is to take better care of myself; these classes would be one really great way to do that.

Alysia H

One of my goals for 2016 is to have enough energy to want to play with my kids when I get home from work. <3


Fantastic idea!!!! Imy goal is to lose 20lbs. I lost 80lbs 5 years ago but negative habits are hard to keep away! I MUST get back on track! I AM IMPORTANT!


I actually have two goals for this year, inside and out. The last two years have been rough so I need to be more positive and lose the stress weight. This class might be very useful to help me achieve my ambitions, thank you.

Marlene Freylinger

Happy New Year! What a great way to plan each of our months. My goal is to continue walking and lose 20 lbs.


I've been contemplating joining this! Red Cathys blog post yesterday and thought I would take time to decide if I could afford it. To win this would be awesome!

Rhonda Stickland

I want to become the best me I can be this year! (And that involves loosing some unwanted pounds). Thanks for the chance to win. 😃😃

Susan Olivera

Goals... to continue my recovery from mayor neck surgery so I can be creative pain free and be able to move with ease again. They took out one of my muscles with lymph nodes and more, but I'm cancer free and motivated because eventhough I was all semester in recovery I got a 4.0 on my first classes towards my third Bachelor's... this time plastic art. I need to keep focused on my goals ;)

Jeanette Miller

Sounds like something I need to do...

Lynette Rambousek

Two priority goals for 2016....organize my craft room and be more health conscious when grocery shopping.

Crescendo Lobdell

One of my goals this year is to spend at least as much time taking care of myself as I spend taking care of others.

Ayesatta Conteh

My 2016 goal is to be 100% present and engaged in whatever it is I'm doing...not allowing distractions and the mental chatter to interfere.I want to fully embrace the moments/events/people in my life.


My goal is to lose 36 pounds and get Down to 200!

Deborah Long

My goal in 2016 is to find balance for my passions (family, work, creative pursuits, health) to create momentum.

Joanne Beattie

Happy New Year to you all! In 2016, one of my goals is to finally get healthy! I've started the new Epicure "Good Food Real Results" program and I am VERY determined to succeed! I am also committing to being more positive and not letting the negatives bring me down! I'm doing a challenge with some friends, every morning you say, outloud, "I am healthy, I am happy, I am abundant, I am free" 50 times!! We are on day 5! This is going to be my year!!

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