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Stephanie G

I've been crafting all my life!

Candee Schamber

I've been crafting most of my life. Started with drawing, then knitting and crocheting, embroidery, sewing, needlepoint, then, on to scrapbooking. For most of my 50+ years, I've been doing some kind of craft, or two. Or, three, or...;-)

cherie Lawson

I started In 2003!


I think I have been crafting since I was around 8 years old. An aunt of mine taught me how to crochet and I was off and running. I pretty much do anything and everything. I sew, knit (but don't really enjoy this) carve, paint in waters/oils/acrylic, jewelry making, card making, scrapbooking and paper crafts. So to answer the question it has been about 49 years I have been crafting in one way or another. Thanks for the chance to win.


can't remember not crafting with something, sewing, painting, playdough, stamping. things just changed a little as I've gotten older. love creating something, if it's only dinner!

Ana Smith

Crafting since I was in Jr. High....a long time ago.........

Leanne S

I have been crafting since a young girl of 8yrs, but card making since 23 years


Years and years, but never seem to get caught up - must be too busy shopping, cropping and chatting to all the wonderful croppers I have met over the years!


Ho sempre amato creare con le mie mani...da ragazza dipingevo su stoffa e seta, poi ho iniziato a fare cards con carta e timbri, nel 2008 ho scoperto lo scrapbooking ed รจ stato amore ;-)

Rachel Kokes

I have been crafting since I was little. I picked it up from my mom who used to design and sell her own greeting cards!

craig b.

My friend, Elly is very much a crafter and would love to get this all year prize.

Thanks for the chance to win!

Stephanie Rodgers

Happy Anniversary! I've been crafting all my life. Over the last 15 years I've narrowed it down mostly to paper crafting (rubber stamping & scrapbooking) and mixed media, although I've really been intrigued with working with wire & metals lately.

Ruby Marchand

I was born to craft. I remember making booklets at 3. Crafting has been my life and now I have shared this talent onto my 6 year old Granddaughter. My Daughter is also crafty so we are a CRAFTY FAMILY. Spending time together doing projects is so much fun and special moments together. Thanks for the inspiration in your magazine and blog.

Becky Luscher

Getting crafty for more than thirty years and hopefully many years to come. It's cheaper than therapy! Well not really. All those stickers, stamps, and fabric add up!

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