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barb macaskill

I have a notebook that I keep with me at all times. When I take a picture I write in the notebook the 5 w's! That way when I am ready to memorialize the photo I know all about it without trying to remember important details! TFS!


Many thanks, Jennifer! I look forward to using your Stories To Tell lists as I begin scrapbooking again. Such a great starting point!♡


Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention! I've been tracking my kids stories since I opened my scrapbooking store back in 2003 and my life with 3 kids, hubby and his home-based business and the store...it became very busy! I've always used a calendar journal and I take it with me every time I scrapbook! Now, with the new planner craze, the planners are a great place to keep those stories and little things you don't want to forget! With the help of project life and my calendar journal, I usually get over 300 photos scrapped on crop wknds...but I'm a photographer so that's hardly a dent in my photos lol. I'm still scrapping 2006 😜

Claudia Mitchell

Jennifer, I would love to learn more on how to incorporate the planner inserts into my scrapbooking life. Can you please email me with more info about this!


This is great - thanks Jennifer!
Claudia, I suggest that you look into a Simple Scrapper membership ... Jennifer keeps us all inspired and organised to create!


Great tips Jennifer! Thanks kindly. I just finished Photo Crush with you and others thus I am not surprised to read again your focus on organization and more importantly, organizing your pics, thoughts etc at the time not weeks down the road when the memory is fuzzy.

Jennifer Wilson

Claudia, please feel free to reach out to help@simplescrapper.com with any questions you have about the planner.

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