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I like that planner It seems like you spend a lot of time handwriting in it. I guess that is the new thing, I will have to get used to this. I'm so computerized


I haven't gone the planner route, I'm just not sure I have enough to put in it. But I love seeng them.

Sandy Carveth

Wow! What a planner! It's an eye catcher and I love the busyness of this one!

barb macaskill

Love your planner and totally agree about your 3 must haves!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Jean Marmo

That is quite the planner!

jennifer reynard

Wow, that has to be the nicest planner I have seen yet! A keepsake for sure also! Brilliant work!

TracyM #6773

WOW - THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your planner with us Lindsay!!!
It was WONDERFUL to peek into HOW your are making your LIFE MORE MEMORABLE and ORGANISED on the go :)


Love the use of so many pictures in a planner!

Shelly K

Your planner is almost like a journal...pretty Wow!!

Teresa Medeiros

You have such a pretty planner Lindsay! TFS. :)

Cathy in Canada

I am with you on all those choices!! I LOVE washi tapes!!!!! Totally addicted! I love stickers too and need to stamp more in my planner as I have lots of fun planner type stamps. Your planner looks awesome!!!

Kelly A. Crowl


Audrey Coates

I love this planner, thank you for sharing and all the ideas.


Love your planner!


So many great tips! I love reading your posts! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

Carri Powers

So many pretty little details....loved to see all of it.


I've never used the planner system but your pages look awesome.

Kymberly Buchanan

I haven't tried a planner project yet, but this gives me a very detailed plan and tips! I love the decorative clips and the transparency dividers! Check...on my future projects list.

Christine Kiehl

How exciting! I am just gearing up to do some planner stuff! It would be nice for me as my daily job duties are so stressful; adding some color and fun things with my own stash will be a nice daily escape for a few minutes at a time! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to your future posts!


Thank you for sharing your planner. I like your use of stamps.

Barbara Sampsel

Cool planner!


love your planner ideas! Thank you for sharing!

Joyce Shaddick


Sheila Spence

This kinda thing would be a whole new way of doing things. Love challenges.

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