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Debbie Flattum

Great craft room! Thank you for the opportunity to win a paper holder. It will definitely be a good start for my hundreds of sheets of cardstock and designer papers!

Jane H

Drowning? - yep that is me!! Thanks for the opportunity.

Carolyn T.

How many sheets of paper do I have? Oh my goodness! In the hundreds, possibly thousands but who's counting? LOL

Tina Worthington

Love this craft room! Wish I could get my Craft room organized I have at least 50,000 pieces of paper stacked up in my room!

Kim Ogden

I have no idea how much paper I have but it has to be in the thousands!!! I love paper!

Patti Penzenik

Love, love this and all your craft products. Wish I could have them all.

Jodi R.

Love this!

Rosanne Cook

Wow I'd love to win this for my paper. I have no idea how much paper I have. I'm to scared to even think how much is there but According to my husband I have WAY too much LOL.


This would be the perfect addition to my craft room. Love your products & once my husband sees the great quality products you offer, I see a more organized craft room in my future full of Stamp-n-Storage products. Thank you.

Kathy McCartney

I got rid of a 3 ft stack a couple of months ago, so I now may only have about 9,000 sheets? That's if I don't count the ones already in project boxes. Someday I will have a room that inspires me to create.

Elizabeth Fischer

I must have over 1,000 sheets of paper in my collection. Thanks for asking. Now I know I have to get busy and make cards.

Monica Ingraham

Would love to win a paper holder unit from Stamp-n-Storage. I love this company's product and would highly recommend them. How many pieces of paper do I have....oh my, would guess at least 10K.

Sandy Clinton

Would love for this to be one of the first pieces of organizational equipment in the new craft room!!!


So cool! this is needed!

Trisha Magnus

This would be an awesome prize! I've had Stamp N Storage stuff on my wishlist for a while now, it all seems awesome :) I'm scared to think about the amount of paper I have though.... but I counted one box and estimated the other 9 and it got over 12,000 so... I'm gonna need a lot of cubes! :D

Bonnie Feller Hagen

I totally can relate to all the paper that stacked up to your waist, based on the amount that seems to mysteriously accumulate in my stash. I think the paper holder could hold about 300 sheets.


Would love to win this awesome Stamp n' Storage paper holder !!! I must say I have thousands of card stock!! Thanks you for s chance to win this.

Lynnette Hallbick

Pick me, pick me. This would be a great start to my stamp n store collection I plan to own someday.

Crescendo Lobdell

Hello Stamp-n-Storage! I love your products and have many of them. I drove 4 hours to the Megameet in Novi, Michigan when I learned you'd be there. Your products have truly transformed my craft room and increased my productivity. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win more of your wonderful products.


Love the organizing solutions from Stamp-n-Storage... thanks for letting us join the celebration!

Lisa Terry

I could soooo use a paper sorter!
How many pieces of paper do I have??
1000's upon thousands. A friend
bought a storage unit.
Think it was a craft store that
closed. Another friend & I got
first dibs on the items.
Paper galore!

Kathy Thompson

Love the craft room, it is truly an inspiration! I would say I could easily make 10 cards a day for the rest of my life and not run out of paper.


Love the room.. Have a couple of the paper holders love them I need more maybe a dozen lol that's how much paper too much no never enough lol

Roberta P

I love Stamp-N-Storage's items! Beautiful craftsmanship & reasonable prices!


Gorgeous organization! I have well over 1000 pieces of cardstock so this organizer would come in handy!

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