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Martha H.

I must have over 200 pieces of paper! One of those nice 12x12 Paper Holders can sure come on handy.

Thank you for the chance to win!


That shelved room looks amazing! Love craft organization!! thanks for the chance!

Donna Rinckel

What a great storage system for paper. This would be very useful. Thanks for the chance.

Nancy Wilcox

Since I seem to have a problem with hoarding paper I can't imagine putting a number to it! That storage unit would help a bunch in getting me organized. Thanks for the chance to win.

Sandy Carveth

Wow! This storage system is a dream come true! Love all of it!


I returned to scrapbooking a couple of years ago after a good 5+ year hiatus and I've been slowly accumulating stock again... So I likely have a lot less paper than most of folks out there... I'd say about a 15 inches if all stacked together! Currently stored in ziploc bags by brand name ... Some storage would likely be moe practical! Going to have a look at all the great products offered by Stamp-n-Storage!!

Rebecca K

Hmm... I think I've prob got about 500 pcs of paper.. No SO much, but certainly no lack, lol

Linda Tupper

What a great prize. I just love Stamp-n-Storage products. I have a stack of paper but never know what I have. How great it would be to have the right products to be organized.

Sandy Ross

Such a fabulous Scrapping room...it would be a dream come true for retirement! Stamp-n-Storage would make that dream come true! Fabulous!!!

jennifer reynard

My goodness, that room is to dream for!!!! I would probably put a bed in there and a coffee maker!! LOL Love the 12x12 paper storage unit. There isn't much available to purchase for storing our "hoards" of paper!! LOL
I have no idea how much paper I really have, but I am guessing about 2000.


Wow I just love Stamp and Storage! Would love to have them and complete my room! It would be a dream come true for me! Drooling here!

Denise Bryant

I'm sure my pile of paper would be at least waist high too! What a beautiful room to create in! The paper organizer would be a welcome addition to my room!

D Coulter

Procraftinating might be my favorite new word! That is the most beautiful craft room I've ever seen. So well organized! I'm a paper addict. I must have at least 2,000-3,000 sheets of paper. But I still hoard my scraps!

Marcia scantlin

Wow, what a dream room.

Diane W

Cannot imagine having such an organized craft room but perhaps the paper organizer would be a good start!

Camille Pimentel

I will make a rough guess and say that I have about 25,000 sheets of craft paper in varied sizes, from 5x7 all the way up to 12x12.

Helen Gullett

Wow! That is a dreamy craft room with all the shelves and organization. Love that paper box too

Shelley K

What a great prize .....thanks for the opportunity to win... Love the Stamp and Storage organizers..

Leslie McGhee

Those Craft Studio are so amazing.Anyone would love anything from
Stamp-n-Storage. WOW!

margret hill

This craft room is beautiful. But i have tried and tried to organize, but i have so much stuff. this is a dream

Stacy V

Storage has been on my mind a lot lately…particularly for paper AND ink pads. I have definitely been looking into Stamp'n'Storage as of late...


Now that's a craft room! To reach any goal you have to start towards it. If the paper organizer will get me closer to my goal of an organized craft room, I will start there! Thank you for helping us with our organization.


A conservative estimate would be 2,000 pieces. The Stamp N Storage unit would keep some of them within eyesight so I could actually use what I have. Thanks SCT!


I have some Stamp-n-Storage products. They are fantastic. I could certainly fill the paper storage unit
very quickly.


Paper paper everywhere!! I started counting last week and am almost done but I forgot where I was!
Too much paper...never!

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