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My mom and a dear friend has had breast cancer....I would love to make a card for them with this! Thank you!!!

maria f.

My Mom had breast cancer. She's still kicking! Here's to self-exams.

Heather Parry

Thoughtful and beautiful stamp set.


Very heart warming stamp set, too many friends have suffered with this.


Cancer touches too many lives. I pray for a cure. I pray everyone fighting wins the battle.

Candace Chisholm

A very thoughtful stamp set. Love the sentiments.

Jean Marmo

I survived cancer not once but TWICE!! The second time was 19 years ago! MAMMOGRAMS are key! Do not hesitate - get them done!!! Be vigilent! Cancer is scary and your world stops but you will fight and win!

If anyone has any questions or is going through this and walks to talk - I am always available!


Valerie Breingan

This one runs deep in my family.Thank you from my heart and soul

Brandi Dowse

Glad you won that battle!!! XoXo

Cheri Burry

This runs in our family too so it's very near and dear to my heart. Thank you Casual Friday for creating this set and for the give away!


Sadly, there are too many reasons in my life to have use of these products. They're beautiful though!

Lynne F.

Thank you. It's uplifting to hear from survivors.

Marlene O

What a lovely stamp and die set. I'm sure any woman (or man) with breast cancer would appreciate a card with these sentiments.

Becca Yahrling

What a wonderful stamp this is! Love those ribbon shaped cards, lovely.

Mel H

I love this. Our family has had multiple members affected by breast cancer so I love that this set makes a donation to research and care. Thank you.

Mary Holshouser

My husband died from lung cancer. I've been fortunate
to have avoided cancer. It's a shame that we need
the pink ribbons - would rather not need to remind
people about cancer at all since it is no longer
a problem - but that's not possible.
thanks for sharing. Keep up the good fight.
Happy WCMD

Kim Innis

My mother died of breast cancer in 1971--before they had all the wonderful treatments they have now. I still miss her.


So many uses for this symbol die cut. Be strong my sisters!

Carla  Hundley

Beautiful cards
and the die and
stamps are so
Carla from Utah

Wanda Radler

These are beautiful cards. I like that idea of making shaped cards with a die over a folded card.

Linda Smith

What a wonderful stamp and die! Thank you!

Denise Coulter

I would love to win this prize. I recently began volunteering with my local Cancer Support Community and could use them to make cards for people who use their services. Thanks for the chance to win!

barb macaskill

I live in a very small town and sadly many women in town have had breast cancer in the last several years! Some have beat it but too many didn't! I am a 3 time cancer survivor and so ANY type of cancer is a thing to beat! My hope is that in my lifetime this disease is beaten for ever! Would love the Breast Cancer Awareness die and stamp set to use to cheer on those who are battling it!! Thanks for the chance to!! I am so glad that you are a survivor too! <3


A great stamp set. The support is wonderful


Nice cards!! A great way to express one's feeling towards cancer.

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