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Sharon Kalbfleisch

Lindsay thank you for taking the time to share your pictures and possible thoughts for uses of a planner. This is an awkward question to ask of someone I don't know but I have been looking after
my father for over two and a half years who has terminal bone cancer all throughout his body. We knew he was not able to do his belove speed skating in winter or enjoy a good fun game of golf in the summer and that was the slow but undetected pain and discomfort associated with the pain that accompanies years cancer, not just old aged. My father is a quiet rather proud and stoic man so for him to ask for help was really hard for him. I am also a retired nurse and missed some stages and clues but hind sight is twenty twenty. My question is...would a planner a daily reminder be a better reminder of this journey this life better than journals and the few pics I have taken of him when I think he does not see me. It is painful to watch but also a privilege. Any suggestions for me? I have also scrapbooked on him and my mom but during their 60th anniversary, dads and moms 80th birthdays as well as home renovations, chemo sessions, hospital stays in the dark alone overnight in the ICU and watching my dad, my first love of the opposite sex, who never let me down, this proud man is shrinking before my eyes,cries and hides his pain from me and my sister. I want to remember the good the bad and the ugly as well as our marvellous father daughter conversations we would not have had otherwise. Please help me to do this honestly and proudly....I don't wish this journey on anyone but I'm trying to get something positive from this. Sharon k.

Belinda Gresham

Received my quarterly kit today, it's just lovely! I will play with it 1st thing tomorrow. Getting the issue of action was a nice surprise, guess I didn't know I'd get that but am so happy I did. This 12,days of holiday giving as well as the daily contest is going to be so much fun!! Happy Holidays everyone!!

Belinda Gresham

Darned auto correct! Supposed to say a copy of sct magazine, not action, lololol

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