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Love it! Practice creative and useful on a daily basis! It doesn't get better than that


Thank you for sharing....this is just the inspiration I was needing:-)

barb macaskill

I plan to utilize a few of these ideas in my own planner soon! Thanks for the tips!

Cary Ann Lombardo

Thanks so much for admitting this planner craze isn't for everyone. I started off way too ambitious last year with color coding and stamps and photos and more and it just didn't work. Plus it was too heavy to carry around on a daily basis! I went back to my small planner that slides into my purse. Works for me and in the end, that's all any of us wants. Thanks for the inspiration and simplification.


Thanks for sharing how you are working on your planner! I enjoy all the tips and inspiration I get from seeing how other people go through the process of documenting :)


Which two planners did you merge?

Lisa Fedele

I am using the Happy Planner but I buy what i like to go into it. I do a lot of journalling in it and add pictures and weekly motivation stickers and to do lists and and....so a smaller planner was too small. I don't carry it around with me, but right now I'm home so things could change for the daily planning stuff and appointments log.

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