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Carey Nusbaum

Awesome prizes this hour! Thanks for the informative facts, as well as for the opportunity to win!

Sue LD

Very pretty!


Wow--that Ammolite is gorgeous!


I would take an ammolite over a diamond any day of the week. They are beautiful.


Beautiful gems from a beautiful country. Oh Canada!

Roz Kelly

That photo of the diamond mine is amazing, looks like the ocean is about to spill into it at any moment! And the segue is totally appropriate - SCT is a publishing gem to all of us!!

auntie em

While I am definitely a big fan of sparkle and shine, unfortunately I don't add real diamonds to my projects but I do like them to sparkle.
Thanks for sharing the facts about the mine. :)

Debralee Lloyd-Graham

Thanks for the Fun Facts!

Jennifer Reynard

More fun facts... I am thinking of printing off all of these posts and putting them into my own Canadiana scrapbook!! LOL Thanks for doing this and the chance to win a some prizes!


Thanks for all the amazing facts about Canada! And thanks for the chance to win!


Beautiful Gems from a Beautiful Country!

Karen Carvell

My hubby gave me a ring for our 10th with the Canadian diamond. They are gorgeous!

Lynn Ekstrom

Very nice! I love, love, love sparkly things.

Janet MacKay

Canada does like to Sparkle and Shine.

Lynn Gauthier

Beautiful pictures and very interesting topics! I'd forgotten about the Canadian diamonds and ammolites. So fun to review...Happy Birthday Canada!

Kelly Malacko




Sue MacGowan

That's awesome!

Mary Holshouser

I love brilliant stones - especially
diamonds. Love the ammolite - so colorful
and beautiful.
Happy Birthday, Canada.
I'd love to have the magazine - always
looking for ideas for my greeting cards.

super stick chick

Happy 150. I didn't know about ammolite. I'll have to check to see if our science museum has one. They look beautiful.

Jen Naus

Beautiful gems, Happy Canada Day!

Beth Anne Thomas

I'm lucky enough to own some beautiful ammolite jewellery and would dearly love to own a Canadian diamond.

Dee Hamoen

Truly Canadian bling!!! Who knew!!

Karen T.

Wowzers! I have seen Ammolite before and it is gorgeous! Happy Canada 150!


I did not know about ammolite(s) - so pretty!

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