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Gramma Dee


Theresa R.

Interesting, fun facts!

Sue Moody

Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

Linda F

The ammonites are gorgeous. Do you get other opalised fossils in Canada?

Alma Dirpaul

Wow, thanks for the great info about ammolites.

Heather Arsenault

Loving all the fun facts being shared today!

Gwen McCaffrey

Gorgeous and sparkly!

Sandy K.

Ammolites are beautiful to look at. How cool that this country also has diamonds and agree with a previous reader who said we have our own gem in SCT. Really enjoyed the fun fact. Did not know about less gravity in certain places....will have to read more about it.

Kerry P

Gorgeous, so much new info. Thanks.

Tara McCarthy

My diamonds are Canadian. So very special.

Maureen E

Very nice! Happy Canada Day!

Lorelei B

Great Information!! Very Beautiful gem!!

Kelly Tulk

Beautiful country!

Jeanie L

Interesting tidbits and beautiful pictures. I'm learning a lot from reading these blog posts! :)

Beatrice Lawson

I actually have a Canadian diamond in my engagement ring. I chose to have a smaller stone room a no brand jeweller than a big shiny bauble from a luxury retailer. Knowing my stone is "clean" means a lot to me.

Shelley P


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