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Sheryll Matheson

I am going to have to research those areas with less gravity....that is one fascinating fact!!


Wow I didn't even know about that diamond, now I want one, lol

Linda Smith

Thanks for the information about ammolite! What fun today!


Ammolites are lovely but pricey!

Kristen Kirkland

I'm learning so much about Canada today :)

Pat M

Just like Canada. Beautiful


Beautiful gems from a gem of a country!

Amber M.

Canada is full of beautiful things :)

Dee Brown

Beautiful gems, just like your magazine xox

Barb macaskill

I hadn't heard of Amolites before this but what a beautiful gem! Almost like the Northern Lights in a stone! Absolutely breathtaking! TFS!

Patricia Steer

Learning new information this hour and enjoying the fun facts. Thank you.


Ammolites are beautiful!!! Happy 150 Canada Day.


Great facts!

Karen Lingel

My favorite rock-related fact about Canada is that Newfoundland was part of west Africa back during supercontinent Rodinia (before Pangea.) Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Happy 150th Sister Canada!


Canada sparkles!

Kim Innis

I had never heard of ammolites, but they are gorgeous. Learning so much today.

Martine M.

Very nice pictures! Thanks for the fun facts and the chance to win!


Canadian bling! Great eh!

Pam Sohan

Would love to see ammonite in person, the picture is stunning. Happy Birthday Canada!

Michele Washburn

Ammolite is so beautiful! Happy Canada Day!

Jean marmo

Such fun facts.



Cyndi B

I'd never heard about ammolites. Thanks for all the great info. I'll be on the look out for those now. Would be easier to find a copy of SCT tho 😉

Marg Gutland

You are just full of amazing facts about our country

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