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Dawn Skene

I love Nanaimo squares and butter tarts!

Kelly Tulk

All my favourite foods!!


Mmmmm Nanaimo bars 😎

MaryAnn N

Poutine and Nanaimo bars make me 😊 happy.


Jean marmo

Those bars look delicious!!

Beth Anne Thomas

I know it's weird, but I think Nanaimo bars are too sweet, but I love butter tarts! No rhyme nor reason to that one... Also, poutine is wonderful!

Mary Holshouser

Poutine sounds delicious.
Didn't know what it was until I started
watching some of the cooking shows.
Have to try it sometime.
Happy Birthday, Canada.


Love butter tarts!

Sandy K.

I love all the foods mentioned...who wouldn't. I grew up in Leamington, home of the delicious tomatoes which went into making Heinz ketchup although sadly they don't anymore, however, French's stepped up to the plate so Yeah! There is nothing like the taste of a fresh Leamington tomato/ If you get the chance to visit, check out the big tomato in town which is a tourist information booth.

Karen Carvell

Yum! Dull pickle chips, Hawkins Cheezies and Smarties! Love our snacks!


sounds yummy!

Arianna Barbara

Mmm... Yummy!!! They looks delicious!!!

Janet MacKay

Yummy foods all! I love everything on the list!

JoAnn H

Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦

Carla Hundley

Might like the gravy
dipped fries!
Carla from Utah


I will admit I am a Canadian who puts Ketchup on everything. Love my Ketchup chips! But I have to say I would never pass up a Nanaimo Bar.

Betty-Kay Murray

Mmmm....all my guilty pleasures! These are all great but my favourite has to be butter tarts. Whoever invented these is a Canadian genius. Happy Birthday, Canada!


Happy Birthday, Canada! I love tarts! My grandmother always made them and now my mother and I make them.

Heather M

Nanaimo bars are my absolute favourite!! We do have some of the best foods here in Canada! :)


There will be thousands of tarts and nanaimo bars consumed today along with poutine and/or french fries and ketchup!!


I'm as Canadian as they come, 8th generation in my Dad's side - but Kraft Dinner?! Gross. Lol

Barb macaskill

I am pretty sure my husband must be Canadian! He puts ketchup on all the above and also nice juicy steaks, turkey, ham and everything else! I think that if I served him dirt with ketchup he would eat it! LOL
As a teen I worked at a little snack bar that was run by a wonderful Canadian man who came to know my love of poutine! After he closed down for the winter he would make me a poutine survival package once a month. It consisted of a gallon jar of his homemade gravy, a bag of curd cheese and a 5lb bag of potatoes so I could still get my fix!
Years later, he made poutine for all of our wedding guests! I really miss him and my poutine fixes! I guess I will have to get my enhanced license so I can go to Canada for poutine regularly!
I have never heard of the Nanaimo bars but they look 👀 yummy! TFS!

Rachel I

Happy 150 Canada from the prairies!
Coffee crisp! A delicious Canadian treat is one of my favorite foods!


Love Nanaimo bars and butter tarts. I don't put catsup on anything (although hubby does). Do not like KD. Canada sells the most varieties of chocolate bars! Hurray for Canadian food!

heather Wehrli

going to try the nanaimo bars that will be a first for me.

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