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Sandi Wells

The fun facts are great. Thank you. Would love to win the Canada stamp and die set. Great ideas from your blog. Keep up the good work!

Linda F

I tried delicious Nanaimo Bars when in Canada, but also icewine and maple whisky.Though I think the whisky is probably drunk more by visitors than locals. Canadian club is a massive favourite here in Australia.

Heather Arsenault

What a yummy post! I might just need to go to the bakery for some butter tarts! ;)

Karen Rushton

I grew up in Eastern Canada and we ate tweed squares. Still a great treat.

Maye M.L.

Thank you very much for this wonderful homage to Canada and its marvelous opportunities. Having had the opportunity to visit Vancouver Island, those Nanaimo bars hold a special place in my sweet heart. Cheers!

Maureen E

Now I'm very hungry after reading that! Happy 150th Canada!

Kelly Karges

I ❤Canadian food!

Lorelei B

I had on Canada Day a Nanaimo Bar Buttertart....the two together is magical!! If you get a chance go to the The Magic Pin in Peterborough and try one!! Delicious!!

Beatrice Lawson

Butter tarts rule! Love them but you need to be careful, those little beauties add up fast:-)

Shelley P


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