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Diane W

Poutine - oh my! Born and raised on Quebec, the birthplace of poutine it was definitely a favourite. Now if someone would just create a gluten and dairy free option I woukd be in heaven!

Kristen Kirkland

So hard to pick my favourite, they're all delicious!

Linda Tupper

Happy Birthdat Canada! Loving the Canadian facts. My fav treat are Nanaimo bars. Love them.

Marg Gutland

Poutine delicious
Nanaimo bars yummy
Ketchup great
Butter tarts good


Happy Canada Day everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for. We live in an amazing country!! May we all live in peace and harmony.


Oh the food we have to offer. I just had poutine the other day with my niece and it was sooo delicious. My husbands favorite dessert is Nanaimo bars. Oh the list goes on and on. Yum! Yum! Yum! Forget the diets when you live in Canada. lol

Erica W.

I need a cup of Tim Hortons to go with all these!

Erica W.

I need a cup of Tim Hortons to go with all these!


Nanaimo bars sound absolutely delicious. Will have to try them soon!

Cyndi B

I love to eat entire Nanaimo bar! All of it is good. Butter tarts yum! Poutine...not so much. Love our Canadian money! So fun and colourfulness!

Dee Hamoen

My Mom made the best butter tarts in the world. Every time I eat one I think of her.


Nanaimo bars, especially mint, mmmmm! But pouting OMG ......

Lynn Gauthier

Gosh, I've forgotten about the Nanaimo Bars. How could that happen. Will be making them this week for sure!!!
I've always had a passion for Ketchup. I even carried a bottle of it around with me in my car. One Halloween night, I was stopped by a policeman and he made me put my Ketchup in the trunk of my car. I guess he thought I was going to splatter it on a building or something. To this day, I don't know why he stopped me.
Happy Birthday Canada!!!


Mmmm our celebrations are centred around eating today 😂

Miriam Prantner

Yum to poutine!!!

Cynthia Baldwin

Ok - you're making me SO hungry! Love French fries and pies, so poutine and butter tarts both sound delicious! Happy Canada Day!


Making me hungry...off to put maple syrup on pancakes!

Sue LD

This all looks yummy --esp the dessert.

Jennifer Reynard

Wow, such interesting food facts... I had no idea that Nanaimo bars were a Canadian recipe....they are one of my favourite desserts to eat and so addictive! Thanks for all of the fun info..I am enjoying your blog today with all of these photos and fun facts!


love them...yummy!!


Love nanaimo bars and butter tarts! And lots of maple syrup! We do live in a great country!

Roz Kelly

Oh yummy! Great Canadian dishes and now I NEED some poutine!!! And a butter tart!


I love learning all of these great things about Canada. Very interesting.


I love all of these tried and true Canadian favourites!!


I love Nanaimo bars! Happy Canada Day from Saskatchewan 🇨🇦!

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