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Mary-Anne V.

Yummy...my mouth is watering with these delicious Canadian treats.


I had poutine in Omaha, Nebraska a couple of years ago for the first time and fell in love - it is so good!! I live in Southern California and unfortunately haven't found a place here yet that serves it. :(

Tara Hodge

Poutine and buttertarts, yummy.

Tara Watts

Love poutine! A staple in my home!

Anna Ekman

Ketchup on almost everything is common in Sweden aswell.

Lynn W

Your Canadian food selections are terrific. I did not realize that butter tarts were Canadian until I attended the recent Buttertart Festival in Midland. While waiting in line I met a gentleman from the USA who told me he had come up to Canada in order to get himself some butter tarts!!! Just another reason Canada is so terrific!!! ❤️🇨🇦 Who else would like buttertarts when they are scrapbooking?? what a great combination!!!

Sue MacTavish

Butter tarts my fave! 🇨🇦

Christi L Steinbeck

I put all ketchup on almost all those things also and I have never been to Canada. HMMMMMMM.... maybe I should live there. HAHAHAH


Ooh, the butter tarts look fabulous! I haven't heard of nanaimo either. So delicious-looking.

Karen Horne

What a fun day! Thanks for the chance to win something.

Sandy Clinton

Butter tarts!!!! Now I have to go and make some!!

Sherry Stanley

Some of all the great food found in Canada. Thanks SCT for the great facts of our great country.

Alison C

Some of my favorite memories include the Canadian food you have mentioned! Who could resist such treats?


A poutine and a Jos Louis, the lunch of Canadian champions! Loved eating these treats as a kid. You certainly had my mouth watering with all the amazing Canadian favourites!


I used to work for a Canadian software company and learnt to make Nanaimo bars after trying them. One of my colleagues used to regularly bring in butter tarts - delicious! Would love to try poutine one day.

Heather H.

My grandma made the best nanaimo bars and butter tarts. Although I've found delicious ones made by other people, they aren't quite the same - probably because they are missing her special ingredient love. Whenever I have either one of them, I think of my grandma.


I love Nanaimo bars. My very favourite treat, and thank you for including a recipe. So many delicious food memories here.

But, please let's not forget, fresh lobster from PEI, fiddle heads, sugar pie from Quebec City (a close relation to butter tarts), hawberry jam from Manitoulin Island, fresh wild salmon from BC or delicious Alberta beef.

And so many more other amazing foods, some I have tried and others I look forward to .

Crafty Violet

Nanaimo bars are not my favourite! Too sweet. I'll eat a butter tart once in awhile but again, too sweet most of the time. I seldom eat fries or ketchup - sorry, vegetarian and healthy eater (most of the time) but hubby loves anything sweet.

Cindy P.

Happy Canada Day !!! These hourly posts are a super creative way to honour our fabulous country. Nanaimo bars and butter tarts - so yummy!

Mandi Holmes

I love the food facts. I have the bar recipe pinned to make in the future.

Mel H

Nanaimo bars are soooo good. All the layers!

Kirsty Vittetoe

OH man, yummy, yummy!

Gramma Dee

Gotta love Canadian treats!

Sue Moody

Yummy butter tarts. Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

Misty Murphy

I think my husband must be secretly Canadian for his love of ketchup!

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