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Karen Carvell

Niagara Falls is amazing! Thanks for all these great Canadian facts eh!

Kristen Kirkland

I love that I've been fortunate enough to see all these wonders of Canada! It's such a beautiful country.


Niagara Falls surely is one of the 7 wonders!


The Bay of Fundy was my last vacation the Summer of 2014 and it was spectacular! I have also been fortunate enough to travel to see Niagara Falls and the CN Tower. I love travelling around our country as it is so spectacular and I feel it is important to show my children what our country is all about as it is an amazing place.

Carla Hundley

Would love to visit
Niagara Falls! Wonderful
about the water tides.
Carla from Utah


Thanks for the tour and memories - I have visited these beautiful spots.

Marg Gutland

Canada is beautiful country to explore and enjoy


Canada has some of the most amazing sights and I have been blessed to see many. Niagara Falls and the shorelines of New Brunswick, PEI. just to name a few. We truly are blessed to live in this great country.


Greatest place on earth! Peaceful, beautiful, mosaic of people, blended cultures, fusion of food. Few countries share our welcoming spirit and inclusive attitude! Be proud Canada!

Jean marmo

We have visited the falls many times. Years ago we would walk and stop on the bridge halfway between Canada and USA and take photos of our feet - one in each country!!

Barb macaskill

I would love to check out the Bay of Fundy! It looks beautiful!
Our family went to Niagra Falls when I was 13 and I would love to go with my hubby, kids and grandchildren! We are thinking of doing it this Summer but it depends on my health! TFS!


Thanks so much for the ton of info . I always enjoy reading things like these . Bay of Fundy and Niagara Falls has been on my bucket list .

Betty-Kay Murray

Thanks for the fun facts. Didn't know that about Yonge Street. Canada is truly a wonderful place!

Janet MacKay

It is great that you are sharing our beautiful country with the world today!


Happy Birthday Canada from an American who has enjoyed every visit I've made to Canada. It is a beautiful place, and now, next on my list is the Bay of Fundy - that looks so amazing!


Interesting facts. I'm from NS but you had a couple of facts I wasn't aware of.

Lynn Gauthier

I honeymooned at Niagara Falls. Beautiful!!!
Happy Birthday Canada...you are amazing!!!


We have a beautiful country!

Miriam Prantner

Blessed to have been able to visit all these places!

Cyndi B

Thank you SCT for providing all these interesting facts. 28 million....that's mind boggling.

Cynthia Baldwin

We've loved visiting Niagara Falls and Toronto...Adding the Bay of Fundy to my bucket list of places to visit!


I love this country and its natural wonders. Thanks for the reminders!

Jennifer Reynard

Oh my gosh, I love reading and seeing the photos that you have provided on Canada's 150th Birthday! Canadians are sooooo blessed to live in this beautiful country!

Sue LD

Beautiful scenery!

JoAnn H

Love to visit Niagara Falls, such beauty

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