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super awesome canada facts!!

Roz Kelly

Feel so blessed to live near the Bay of Fundy and to have lived in ON and visited the CN Tower and Niagara Falls....such beauty all around us!


I'm lucky to have been to all three places...Bay of Fundy, a few years ago; Niagara Falls, last year; and Toronto, just last weekend. All fantastic places!


The Bay of Fundy looks like a gorgeous place. I'm so enjoying learning more about Canada,


I love the Toronto Skyline! Niagra Falls is beautiful any time of year! I have never been far enough east to explore the Bay of Fundy, but it's on my bucket list!


The east coast is definitely on my bucket list! Canada is a wonder'full' country!


Happy Canada Day from Saskatchewan 🇨🇦! I visited Niagra Falls in February. I need to see it in summer.

Kelly Malacko

Love the Canadian Trivia!

Mary Holshouser

Got to see Niagara Falls. What a wonderful sight.
I'm afraid of water but I stood at the rail of
the boat so I could get a good look and be
sprayed with water. it was awesome.
thanks for sharing Canadian facts.

Karen T.

Wow, Wow, Wow! Canada is AWESOME! I have seen those cliffs, and the Bay of Fundy, and they are gorgeous! I'm so happy to live in Canada! I've always wanted to go to Niagara Falls, and one day I will! Your photos and information are wonderful - thank you for sharing how awesome Canada is!

Pam Sohan

For some reason I never connected the Bay Of Fundy with Canada. How cool would it be to be able to walk on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean?


Bay of Fundy is on my bucket list :)


Canada is full of wonders! I've seen some of them, but not the Bay of Fundy - would really like to make it there some day!

Linda Smith

Was lucky to have visited each of these beautiful spots! Love all these facts!

Sheryll Matheson

WOW! I am learning a lot today!


I have seen the CN tower and Niagara falls which are so beautiful, would love to visit again someday.

super stick chick

Wow, I think I just found our next family vacation destination! Thanks for the great info.

auntie em

Well, you are practically right on my backyard when you are talking about the Bay of Fundy. We often drive out to enjoy the cool breezes off the water on hot summer day and it is just as amazing as the pictures show and more. To walk on the ocean floor after the tide has gone out is amazing.
I have never seen the magnificence of the Niagara Falls but I have seen the CN tower. You are certainly finding lots of great icons!
Thanks for sharing! :)


Have yet to visit the Bay of Fundy at low tide. It's on the bucket list! Thanks for the reminder about our Canadian wonderfulness!

Amber M.

I've seen Niagara Falls and visited Toronto, and I would LOVE to see the Bay of Fundy - looks amazing! There are lots of amazing things further east in the country too :)

Dee Brown

There are so many natural wonders in Canada. It is so beautiful and diverse in every province, thanks for sharing these.

Patricia Steer

Love all the great variety of fun facts and awesome pictures.Thank you!

Karen Lingel

Oh, yeah, the Bay of Fundy and Minas Basin are totes amazing. Love the physics at work. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Sweet retreats Canada!!!! Happy Birthday!


I would love to see Canada through the eyes of a newcomer, it must be spectacular, more so than we realize.

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