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oooooh! Looks like a great book!


Thank you for sharing those two gorgeous pictures.

Dee Hamoen

Wow! What a wonderful commentary on Canada! It is a book I would be proud to own. Thanks for all the facts about Canada!

Lynn Gauthier

The Inukshuk are beautiful. Such awesome heritage. To see one in real life is even more beautiful!!!
Happy Birthday Canada!!!

Miriam Prantner

That looks like a great book!


Love totems! Hope to see some on my visit today!

Karen Carvell

I have been lucky enough to visit Rankin Inlet....so beautiful! Thanks for the amazing pictures and chance to win this book!


WOW this book is what we all need to learn even more about our beautiful country....Canada. I once tried to build an inuksuit and believe me it is not as easy as it looks. It was very hard to make it stay together.

Jennifer Reynard

Oh my... I didn't even know this book existed! I think every Canadian would love to own this and be proud to read and display it in their home. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

Sue LD

Very interesting!


Fabulous! I love this sharing of our Canadian culture and history with your readers!! Thank-You for taking the time to do this SCT! You rock!


That is an interesting book TFS

Barb macaskill

I love learning about different countries, cultures and history and would be honored to win this book! I may not be able to do a lot of traveling due to my health but I have been to many different places through my love of reading! TFS!


looks like a great book!!

Debra McNeill

What a fantastic blog about Canada. I hope the Canadian Tourism Board has a chance to see it! Thanks to everyone at SCT for all the work involved in this endeavour. Happy 150 to all.


Perhaps I should start on my Santa letter, Christmas in July!

Roz Kelly

The world does need more Canada - just the best place in the world to live! Thanks for the chance to win the book and the loonie & toonie!!


Cool! I would love to have this book. Thanks for the chance.

auntie em

Happy Canada Day!
Our granddaughters love building inukshuks. There is even one put up by someone on our drive into one of the local cities here in NB. But the totem poles are definitely a west coast site. Someday, maybe, I will see one IRL. Thanks for sharing! :)

Janet MacKay

Thanks for a chance to win the book! You guys are awesome.


Indigenous peoples and their traditions add so much to the greatness that is Canada. Thanks SCT!

Diana Martinez

It is so exciting to learn how people of Canada live and the array of interesting cultures that cohabit in peace working together.
Happy 150!


I love inukshuk and left one on the shore of a beach in New Zealand last year. This book would be a wonderful way to remember this year.

Kelly Malacko


Mary Holshouser

Totem poles are works of art.
I would love to read the book
about Canada. I've only gotten
to see part of the country and
doubt I'll get to see the rest
of it.

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