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Beth Anne Thomas

Oh! I've been wanting to look at that book!

Karen T.

I am loving your celebration of Canada! Very interesting articles and fun facts today! Thank you, SCT! Yay Canada 150!


Gorgeous photos and interesting facts. Canada is a beautiful place!


The inukshuk is a fascinating monument. Thanks for sharing some of your history with us!

Linda Smith

What a beautiful book! It would be an honour to own it! Love all our totem poles...what a story they tell!

Sheryll Matheson

The book looks really interesting. Would love to win it.


Happy Canada day


That book would be a fabulous tribute to my first home... I'd love to share it with friends & family in my new home in North Carolina!

super stick chick

Hooray! more fabulous vacation ideas. Living in Minnesota, parts of Canada are not that far away. We have love our visits there and would love to see more.

Kristen Kirkland

Totem poles remind me of the cottage my grandparents used to have in Tobermory, Ontario. There's lots of Native history in that area.


What a fun book!


Glad there is a book that celebrates our great nation!

Amber M.

I hadn't heard of this book - would so love to win a copy! Thank you very much :)

Dee Brown

The world does need more Canada! We're not perfect but pretty darn close ;)

Thanks for promoting Canada and celebrating our birthday SCT!!

Diane W

Fabulous book give-away and what a fabulous day you are providing us.

Patricia Steer

Glad you included this information about Indigenous peoples symbols. Book looks like a great prize to win and would love to get it.


Happy Canada Day from Saskatchewan 🇨🇦!

Karen Lingel

The world DOES need more Canada. Please bring donuts. ;-) Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Teresa Medeiros

I signed on a bit late today as I have been busy with Canada Day goings on, but I've finally found a bit of time and boy do I love what I'm reading on the blog today! I love the fun facts and the beautiful photos of our country! Truly the most majestic, peaceful and glorious country in the world!! So proud to be Canadian and proud of SCT for taking the time to show-off our beautiful country in this way!! You guys rock!


Happy Happy 150th, Canada!

Kim Innis

Although I have been to BC, I have never seen any first people items from that part of Canada. So happy to be learning ao much about Canada today!

Colleen Flathers

Would love to see the Totem poles and the Inukshuk.

Pam Sohan

I love totem poles. I think they are so awesome, the stories and the craftsmanship. Thanks for the chance to win.


I'm really enjoying learning about Canada today!

Jody Ward

That's right--The World Needs More Canada!!!! Without a doubt!

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