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Jurist Tran

Wat a great book to tribute canada and all the interesting facts and stories! Ty SCT for sharing may interesting canadian facts ....totem pole and inukshuk is a piece of Canadian art and history #HB Canada #happy 150#love SCT

Mary-Anne V.

This book looks amazing. Love the richness of the Native American culture.

Tara Hodge

I have a love of Inukshuk's and the way they've guided travellers for years. 🍁

Tara Watts

Love all the wonders that we can explore in our own backyard!

Anna Ekman

So much I didn't know.

Lynn W

Looks like an amazing book! I love the Inukshuk and I have made some from rocks gathered from northern Ontario. One of my Inukshuk creations was given to a special family on Canada Day 2015! MAybe I will have to try and make a totempole!!

Christi L Steinbeck

what a fun book! THanks you for the chance~

Sue MacTavish

Yes...the world does need more Canada! ❤️🇨🇦

Sandy Ross

A book about Canada would be a wonderful read!!! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Horne

That sounds like it's a really interesting book!

Sandy Clinton

Totem poles and Inukshuk are such amazing pieces of true Canadian artwork. The book, though I haven't seen it, is probably a great way to honour Canada.

Sherry Stanley

Love all the Canadian Art work. thanks SCT.

Alison C

I would love to win this book. I am a transplanted Canadian. Some days it is extremely difficult living in the US away from Canada. This would help with those days! Also one of my daughters would love some Canadian info to enlighten one of her friends. Thanks for the chance to win!


Just reading the fun facts and interesting info you've shared today, I've learned quite a few new things about our country. Would love to learn more! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome book!

Arianna Barbara

It would be amazing win this book!!!

Heather H.

The inukshuk and totem pole are incredible, beautiful symbols representing Canada's Indigenous people. I agree with the book title, the world does need more Canada. I'd love to own this book.


More beautiful images of Canadian culture. We are such a young country ,thank you for the reminder that the culture of our original inhabitants dates back so much further.

Happy Birthday Canada

heather Wehrli

This book would do just nicely on my coffee table to show to all our visitors.

Crafty Violet

That book would be awesome to own. That is a great prize.

Cindy P.

Happy Canada Day !!! These hourly posts are a super creative way to honour our fabulous country. Thanks SCT for the chance to win this awesome book!

Mandi Holmes

Those totem poles are amazing. Happy Birthday

Mel H

Bet this book is amazing. Canada is such a beautiful country.


I would to share the book with friends.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Kirsty Vittetoe

Happy 150th!!!!

Dawn Skene

I sometimes see an inukshuk along the side of the road. It always makes me smile. I have seen some of the totem poles in Stanley Park in Vancouver. They are beautiful.

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