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Mmmmn maple goodness! Thanks for a chance to win!

Jen Naus

MMMM, pancakes, waffles, donuts and maple syrup! Oh wait, don't forget Maple Kisses!

Diana Martinez

I have been very fortunate to try both, the syrup and the candy. Mt daughter visited Ontario and Quebec in her sophomore year to practice french and brought me some. Truly a divine marriage between nature and man.


I introduced an East Indian lady to maple syrup. Her on,y question: what else could she do with it other than pancakes. It was a huge hit :)

Marg Gutland

Elmira festival is great day out

Lynn Gauthier

Yup, I remember helping to make a ton of syrup when I was a child. I had to stay away from the boiling syrup tho' so I wouldn't get burned.
Thanks for all the great memories!
Happy Birthday Canada!

auntie em

Mmmm....real maple syrup. There is no comparison when it comes to the real stuff. It is awesome poured on oatmeal in the morning. Use toast or homemade bread to sop some up off a puddle on your plate. Brush it on a piece of fried salmon for a real treat for supper time.
Making me very hungry just thinking about it.
Thanks for sharing! :D

super stick chick

We love maple everything here! We once tap our tree, oh my boiling down the sap is a big process!

Beth Anne Thomas

When we were in Alberta, maple syrup was a treat. Now that we're in Ontario, it's a necessity!


Love maple syrup and not just on my pancakes.

Kristen Kirkland

One of my favourite maple treats is when they pour the warm syrup over snow and then you put a popsicle stick in it to make a taffy type treat on a stick

Sara Thomas

Since my mom and dad lived in Onslow County, North Carolina, they were invited to Canada years ago to celebrate the Centennial of Quyon, Onslow, and they brought me some syrup and maple leaf candy. Oh my, were they ever good!! Happy Birthday, Canada!

Amy Cooley

I always love trying local treats. These look yummy!

Karen Carvell

Sweet prize! There is nothing better than Canadian made Maple Syrup and candies! Oh except maybe winning some!

Pat M

Spring wouldn't be Spring without a visit to a maple bush

Karen T.

Love, love, love maple syrup, so delicious! I am enjoying your Canada 150 celebration so much! I"m also learning lots of little fun facts and tidbits - had no idea about the donuts - wowzers!


Need to get myself to Elmira!

Jess S.

I've been to several maple syrup festivals, but never the one in Elmira. Maybe next year. I LOVE maple syrup, especially when it's laid on snow and hardened into a sucker. Thanks for all the cool Canada facts. I'm learning a couple things about my country. :)


Who doesn't love maple syrup?!?!? Sundays, holidays, and birthdays are pancake days.

Barb macaskill

Maple syrup and Maple candies are a sure way to my heart melt! I can't remember the last time I had either of these sweet treats and would be crying with utter joy if I was to see that this was on its way to me! I might share just a little of it but it would be hoarded like the true liquid gold that it is! Yummy! TFS!

Amber M.

I love anything maple flavoured ... drooling at the thought of all the delicious foods enhanced by maple! Would love to win this hour' prize - thanks, eh?!!!

Janet MacKay

Yummy maple syrup. I love just about maple anything.

Dee Brown

We sent our exchange student back home to Switzerland with a few cans of maple syrup. After they enjoyed eating it they contacted us asking how they could make some maple syrup 😀.

Love, love, love maple syrup


Yummy! Nothing better than Canadian maple syrup. On everything :o)

Sheryll Matheson


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