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What a sweet prize!


Maple syrup would go well in home made baked beans and bacon! yum.

Patricia Steer

Maple syrup is so Canadian. My children and now my grandchild loved to visit the maple sugar bush and watch it being collected and eat pancakes with the syrup.

Amy Morris

I love all things Maple!! I love cookies, donuts, syrup, candy and everything Maple you can think of!!

Diane W

Producing maple syrup is HARD WORK but ohhhhh so worth it. And maple syrup produced in different areas has a bit of a different flavour...my preference being syrup produced in the Eastern Townships of Quebec....ummmm...simply the best!

Karen Lingel

Ooh, and those maple syrup hard candies -- the ones they sell for 30 cents apiece at the register of all the gift shops. The ones that are more addictive than crack. Those are soooo good. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


Oh yes, our Maple syrup is the BEST and it is great just how many different things we can pour it on; pancakes, ice cream. ham, snow....
LOL Canada offers us so much and we should be proud of everything. Happy Canada Day.


Mmmmm... love maple syrup! Thanks for the chance to win some!

Sue LD

Love using maple syrup!


Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Canada Day from Saskatchewan 🇨🇦!


what's not to love about Maple syrup!?

Carla Hundley

Loving all the info
on Canada! This prize
pack would be delish!
Carla from Utah


Maple syrup, maple leaf, Happy birthday, Canadian Geese!

Teresa Medeiros

Mmm...breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and it's no wonder when we have the world's best maple syrup to go with it! What a wonderful prize you're giving away this hour. Love it!

Kim Innis

Love maple candy! Still remember it from a trip to Canada as a child with my family.

Martine M.

Love the maple syrup on pancakes but the best is a slice of white bread (homemaid, if possible), a little bit of 35% cream over it and pure maple butter on top... OMG!

Linda Smith

Love maple syrup!! Thanks for a great day!!


How AWESOME!!! Thank you for the opportunity!


Sweet maple-ly goodness!

Michele Washburn

Mmmmm! Doughnuts and maple syrup! Yummy!

Jean marmo

Love the maple sugar candies.

Jody Ward

Maple syrup boiling down, steam rising--yummy!

Pam Sohan

OOOOOOOOOOO really maple syrup!! And anytime some one mentions maple candy, I remember the friends episode when Chandler and Ross drive up to Vermont and stop at every maple candy place along the way and Ross is uber hyper by the time they get there. LOL


maple cream my fav in the spring, and we have sugar camps only 20 minutes away!!

Betty-Kay Murray

Yum!! Nothing comes close to the real maple goodness! Tastes like Canada.

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