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Heather H.

Mmmmm, yummmmmm!!! Maple syrup!!! Nothing beats Canadian maple syrup!!

heather Wehrli

Maple Syrup and pancakes - real Canadian - thanks for the opportunity to win some.

Crafty Violet

I will only buy real maple syrup that was made in Canada....no artificial syrup for us thanks. My son-in-law likes to tap a few trees they own and he boils down the syrup to make some candy for them.


Yum, nothing beats having authentic maple syrup to put on yogurt, pancakes, waffles, and anything else.

Cindy P.

Happy Canada Day !!! These hourly posts are a super creative way to honour our fabulous country and learn some fun facts. Thanks for the chance to win these sweet prizes. I love maple syrup!

Mel H

Nothing better than warm maple syrup on waffles!

Kirsty Vittetoe

I love maple cookies, maple syrup, maple everything!

Dawn Skene

I love maple syrup and maple candy!

Gramma Dee

Mmmmm... doughnuts.... Mmmmm... Maple syrup...

Theresa R.

I love Canadian maple syrup! I had no idea "that" much of the worlds maple syrup is produced in Canada. Fun fact!


I love everything maple ....

Sue Moody

Yummy maple syrup. Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

Janet Storey

I love only maple syrup on my pancakes and occasionally I buy maple butter to have on toast or English muffins.Yummy!

Misty Murphy

Maple syrup and doughnuts? I'm so moving to Canada! ;)

Carey Nusbaum

Murphy's my lips for MAPLE candy! Yummy! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Linda F

There is very little true maple syrup in Australia, lots of maple flavoured golden syrup. I did try the real thing in Canada as well as the lollies as hubby has a real sweet tooth. I think we (aussies) might be catching up with doughnuts - every time I look around another doughnut shop has popped up.

Alma Dirpaul

You're right this giveaway is sweet!!

Heather Arsenault

I grew up having real maple syrup and it's spoiled me. I don't eat pancakes or waffles in restaurants because they don't offer it. The other stuff is just yuck!

Gwen McCaffrey

Love maple syrup!!!!

Sandy K.

What's not to love about our maple syrup. Not only good on pancakes and waffles but is an excellent glaze on salmon. Makes me hungry just thinking about it. LOL!

Karen Rushton

SUch a sweet post. :)

Tara McCarthy

I love visiting Elmira, such a quaint little town. Although I have never been there for the maple festival, sounds like fun. We get our maple syrup bu the jugfull, kids can't live without it ;)

Maureen E

Maple syrup, maple candy, loonie and toonie oh my! I agree. Happy Canada Day!

Kelly Karges

Mmmm, love maple syrup!

Lorelei B

Love me some maple syrup!! Yummy!!

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