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MaryAnn N

Love trilliums . When we were young, as a family we walked in the woods behind our farm and there were hundreds of trilliums along the path. I wish I had photos of this memory.

Sue LD

Beautiful flowers.


Love all of those Canadian musicians - Leonard Cohen is a particular favorite!

Karen T.

Flowers, music, and your new stamps - I love Canada! I am really enjoying your celebration today! Hooray for Canada 150! Thank you, SCT!


I love tulips. Happy Canada Day from Saskatchewan 🇨🇦!


Happy Flower day for Canada's 150th!!!!

Louise Reynen

Yesterday, on Sirius channel 90's on 9, they were celebrating American artists. I heard this announcement just after they finished playing 'Man, I feel like a woman' by Shania Twain. Newsflash! ...but, as a Canadian, I'm too polite to point out their error!


Loving all this info about Canada. Can't wait to visit again!


Trilliums have long been my favorite wildflower. We had them in our backyard.

Teresa Medeiros

Beautiful flowers and you're absolutely right about the eclectic array of musicians that has come out of Canada. Love each and every one of them!


What an amazing and beautiful country we live in,

Martine M.

I visited the tulip festival in Ottawa few times. Always enjoyed all the colors and the different kinds of tulips(I made few scrapbook pages with the pictures taken...). Thanks for the chance to win!

Beth Anne Thomas

Love tulips and wild roses!


Love the stamp set! Don't forget Great Big Sea in your list of Canadian musicians!


The Trillium looks gorgeous, I have never seen one, so pretty. I love fields of tulips, so gorgeous as well. It would be so cool to be able to visit every province and take a photo of their provincial flower, that would be awesome.


Love our provincial flowers! And now that we've moved to Alberta I miss Canada Blooms!

Michele Washburn

More fun facts this hour! Would love to win the prize! Crossing my fingers!

Jean marmo

We love the gardens by the falls. Such fun learning these facts today.

Jody Ward

Carpets of trilliums in the spring--a breath taking sight!

Betty-Kay Murray

What beautiful flowers we have! And amazing talent. I love the stamp set. I'm really enjoying the posts today. Thanks for them.

Pam Sohan

I love flowers in the springtime, all year long actually but there is something special about the first flowers of spring. I live in Texas and while we don't anywhere near the winters that Canada does......spotting that first bluebonnet always fills my heart with joy in the spring.


great Canadian facts :)

Marg Gutland

beautiful flowers beautiful country

Shelley K

Love the fun facts..
Thanks for chance to win..🇨🇦


Hallelujah is one of my most favorite songs!!!!!

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