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The tulips at the Canadian Tulip Festival are a sight to behold. A sea of unbelievably beautiful colours! I always enjoyed the musical acts they had too! So much musical talent in Canada! Some of my favourite and most memorable concerts were of Canadian artists. Actually my first ever 'big' concert was Alannah Myles.

Arianna Barbara

I'm in love for these stunning gardens!!! <3

Tara W

I would use the stamp and die set to help my young niece when she does her travelling. Decorating Canada style to add that special personalized touch. She would be able to make her own thank you cards, as well as any note card she might need.
I love this Canada stamp set! Thank you for a chance to win.

Mary Holshouser

The flowers are beautiful.
The flag of flowers is amazing.
thanks for having the hop.
Happy Birthday, Canada.


Beautiful flora and great music! Canada is awesome!

Heather H.

I've been a fan of Canadian music my entire life. We are blessed to have some extremely talented musicians in a wide range of genres, some unique to Canada. I encourage everyone to check out some of the regional music from across Canada, there's definitely something for everyone!


Loved your new stamp and die set so much I could wait to see if I would win the draw, and ordered it.

Have always wanted to go to Ottawa for the Tulip festival and must add it to my bucket list for next year.

We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful country with incredibly diverse talented people.

And so polite and happy..... I'm thinking of you Catherine, and your incredible team.

heather Wehrli

Planted the 150 red and white Tulips this year in my garden, hope to have them every year - thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing prize today.

Crafty Violet

So much to love about Canada! Love the stamp set and your magazine.


Love the Canadian provincial flowers, especially the trillium flower. Ontario is a great province!

Cindy P.

Happy Canada Day !!! These hourly posts are a super creative way to honor our fabulous country and learn some fun facts. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize package!

Mandi Holmes

Love the flowers. I think the flag made from the flowers are amazing.

Mel H

Hallelujah is one of the best songs ever written. Love the stamp set.

Kirsty Vittetoe

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Dawn Skene

Beautiful flowers and talented musicians!

Gramma Dee

I think in Canada we appreciate the flowers in the short time we get to enjoy them.

Theresa R.

Such beautiful flowers!

Sue Moody

Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

Carey Nusbaum

Beautiful flowers! What a great prize pack! Yahoo!

Linda F

When I visited Victoria there were so many beautiful parks and gardens and flowers everywhere. Definitely some awesome musicians come from Canada.

Heather Arsenault

So cool to have a Canada stamp set with matching dies! I just have to say that curling should be our national sport!

Alma Dirpaul

Great prizes. Thanks for making this great stamp set.

Maye M.L.

Love, love the special edition Canada stamp set and die. It would be a great way to celebrate with our Canadian friends who have shown us great warmth and hospitality. Canada, you are in my travel plans! Cheers!

Gwen McCaffrey

Absolutely love the stamp/die set and of course the SCT mag!

Sandy K.

A beautiful photo of the Trillium. Love walks thru the forest in spring when these lovely flowers are in bloom. The list of Canadian musicians is a tribute to Canadian talent but think Gordon Lightfoot should have been mentioned as well for his love of this country and his incredible music contribution. Can't forgot Stompin' Tom either, eh? The list just goes on and on. The stamp set is really cool and reflective of all things Canadian.

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