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Janice B

Happy Birthday Canada. We sure are a beautiful country.


So proud to be Canadian....today and every day🇨🇦😀


Wow! These are beautiful!!! I would love to see the northern lights some day.


I love a mystery, especially one that is a prize

Sue LD

I love a good mystery!

Linda Smith

Would love to see the northern lights!! The hoodoos are really cool. Love a mystery!! It's been a great day SCT!!

Julia D.

This has been fun! Happy birthday, Canada. Thank you for the chance to win!

Dee Brown

Thank you Catherine and team for putting together a wonderful tribute to Canada. You know how to party and celebrate. Thanks for the opportunity to play along and good luck to all - fabulous prizes!

Lori Poffenroth

Happy birthday Canada. 🇨🇦, you truly are a great county!
Lori Poffenroh


I love the Northern Lights. The Hoodoos were interesting to explore. A surprise prize is intriguing!


How beautiful!!! The Northern Lights are spectacular! I am looking forward to visiting and exploring Canada some day! Happy Birthday, Canada!

Diane W

Have been to Drumheller and would love to go back. Where I grew up as a child I remember seeing the Northern Lights and they always were such an amazing sight.


Living in Alberta I am pretty familiar with the badlands and the Hoodoos which are amazing, but would you believe that in my 48 years living in Canada that I have never seen the Northern lights? I would love too someday and they are just gorgeous in the photos I have seen.


Love the hoodoos and the northern lights. Unquestionably Canadian!

Sheryll Matheson

I LOVE a good mystery!

auntie em

Thank you and Happy 150th Birthday Canada! We should have lots of scrap and celebrate this year! :D

Michele Washburn

Happy Canada Day! Thanks for the chance to win!


Just recently saw the HooDoos in Drumheller...Happy Birthday Canada 🇨🇦🎂💞

Jean marmo

Love the northern lights. Would love to see them

Cynthia B.

Seeing the northern lights would be amazing! lol about the unlocked cars - you've shared some awesome fun facts today.
Thanks for the chance to win to celebrate Canada Day!


Thank you for all the posts today. I have never seen the Northern Lights but it seems only fitting that the are Canadian. Happy 150th Canada.

Jody Ward

Drumheller and seeing the northern lights are both on my bucket list!


i have never seen the northern lights, wish to see them, but for now they are on my toonie!

Pam Sohan

OOOOO I love mystery boxes, they were my favorite things to get at the dime store as a kid! My kids saw the Northern Lights when we lived in OH. I was in Hawaii at the time and missed it. Would love to see them someday.

Marg Gutland

lots of beautiful things in Canada to see
we have beautiful Country

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