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Kim Innis

Happy 150th anniversary! Loving the celebration!


Happy Canada Day!

Laura Gauthier Turcotte

Happy Canada Deh, my fellow Canucks!

Michele Washburn

Happy Canada Day!

Sharon K

Happy Canada Day !!!

Lynne Gaudet

Happy Canada Day eh!!!!!!!!!! Love the toonie as my favourite animals is the polar bear! Great to celebrate the day with SCT!

Shelley K

Happy Canada Day!!🇨🇦


SCT~ I keep telling ya'll this - you throw the best parties and I'm so glad to be celebrating with you today! Thank you Nicki for the lovely printable. It will be perfect for to add to our frame gallery wall.


Wow,that's a lot of water!

Amy Hanschen

Love having Canada for a neighbor! Blessings to all my Canadian friends! I'm celebrating today with you, down in Austin, TX!


Not so loooong ago that it changed to Canada day. from Wikipedia:

"The holiday was renamed to Canada Day by Act of Parliament on 27 October 1982."

Amy Hanschen

I've been well treated and well fed each and every visit to Canada, especially at Crop and Create! So fun to meet new friends and try new things! Happy Canada Day to all!

Michele V

I love all the facts that have surfaced in the last few days! We should celebrate 'us' more often.


Jeanette Y

thanks for the fun facts about Canada! thanks for the chance to win!


Happy Birthday Canada - 150

Susan McClelland

Happy Canada Day. I spent the afternoon walking around downtown Ottawa with thousands of other happy and proud Canadians. Thanks for the opportunity to celebrate Canada's 150th and learn some new facts.


Happy birthday Canada!

Cecile B

Hope everyone had a Great Canada Day! Today was a beautiful sunny day in BC - much to nice to be indoors, so catching up now on the fun facts about this beautiful country!


Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Janet Sisk

Happy 150th birthday, Canada! Thanks for a chance to win. :D

Tammy Lever

Happy Canada Day! Another fun fact, our Loonie is 30 this year!

Janey Goertzen

Happy 150th. So proud to call myself Canadian.

Alma D

Looking forward to the surprises you have lined for us.

Elizabeth Simpson

I had no idea that the "original" loonie didn't even have a loon on it, although I do remember hearing that the original die were lost. Cool facts!

Alma D

Sunny here in SK today.

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