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Cassandr Greenough

We use to camp in the BC mountains... so the natural hot springs were my fav part... no showers for days but thank goodness for those springs! Ha ha

Amber McCuaig

Camping is so relaxing ... I love sitting by a campfire at night with the stars shining overhead, and waking up to fresh air is so invigorating! Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing prize from PhotoPlay - LOVE THIS COMPANY!!!!

Jennifer Reynard

Would love to win this prize package! I checked out their website and they have fabulous paper product that I have never seen before! Shall like and follow on facebook! My favourite experience for camping is being in the mountains and just breathing in the fresh air and the scent from all of the pine trees! Thanks for the chance to win!

Sue LD

Favorite part of camping is cooking by the campfire.

Christi Steinbeck

I was born on DEC. 7th and our family camped sooo much that my parents had me camping by Dec. 12th of that year. LOL Every holiday I can remember camping. Easter we would have a whole campground to look for easter eggs. It was always a blast! My favorite part of camping is all the wonderful , kind people you meet. I wouldn't give up camping for anything. I am now taking my grandkids camping. LOVE IT!

Chris Baker Cox

If I don't win...I will definitely be purchasing both of these sets! We love to camp. We have a pop-up and love it. We also have two black labs...so Lakeside is a must have!! My favorite thing about camping is being outside, relaxing, and hanging out with friends and family.

Arianna Barbara

Wow! Can't wait to read for the first time your stunning magazine!!!
In the meantime, fingers crossed! I love so much this amazing kit!!! My favorite thing about camping is sleeping under the stars, completely surrounded by nature!!!

Barb macaskill

We used to camp every Summer at the same campground! From Memorial Day until Labor Day we were at camp. My favorite part was sleeping in the chaise lounge chair under the stars! As an adult, on hot nights I will sleep in our backyard in a chaise lounge and remember those hot Summer nights as a kid! We Are already passing this on to our grandchildren! TFS!


We camped out in a fire lookout with family, it was so nice to see the moon, and the sunrise, with good company. Nice to be away from the craziness of in town life.

J. Lee

Enjoying freshly harvested oysters after BBQing them while camping on Vancouver Island.
Thank you SCT and Photoplay Paper for the opportunity to win!

Pam Sohan

We were camping int eh smokey mountains with my Grandparents, my bother and I had gone for a walk along and a path and came upon two bear cubs. We said "How cute!" and then quickly turned around and left. We had no desire to meat mama bear!

Tricia Kolsto

My favourite part of camping is being with my family in a no-wifi environment!!!

Angela Lunn

My favourite part of camping is sitting by the fire with my family and roasting marshmallows and seeing my daughters face all messy with smores.


My favorite camping memories are the funny little things that happen - waking up to a kangaroo rat stealing my donut in Death Valley, camping in a blizzard in the Grand Canyon while my boyfriend slept in the men's room, waking up to some animals trying to lay down on our tent in Alaska and thinking it was bears but it was cows! These are the things you never forget!

Mary Holshouser

On halloween night we build a fire in the
portable firepit. We set it in the
driveway and sit around it while passing
out our candy.
Looks like a fun collection.


What a fun giveaway this is and so outdoorsy. Campfires bring back many memories and laughter. Thank you for this chance to win.

Krystal Showalter

My favorite part is just getting away from it all and having so much time to just hang out and talk and do things together.

Valerie W

The best part of camping is being with our grandchildren and being able to scrapbook it all. 1 album for each of the kids and 1 for me. 4 in total and soon to be 5. Thanks for the chance to win

Denise Bryant

The fondest camping memory for me was a trip to Yosemite my family took when I was about 8.


Love the Campfire set. Best part these days is not having to sleep in a tent - love my minicamper van.

Lynn Gauthier

Awesome giveaway from Photo Play. Love Nature related crafting items.
Best thing about camping is snuggling up by the campfire and reminiscing.
Thanks for sharing!

Sandra Leger

I looove camping ! As a kid our camper had a tin roof, so I loved it when it rained..... my mom , not so much.... hehe !! Still love it today, relaxing & making memories with my family. Thanks for the chance to win ! 🌞

Kelly Crowl

Photo Play FB page has been "LIKED."
Camping in general, for me anyway, is a simple time to get away and breathe, reflect, enjoy nature and live more in the moment. I love the moments when we "catch" nature at its' finest. Bald Eagles, Elk, Mule Deer, or getting a special visitor stopping by during the night who opens our cooler and STEALS 5 pounds of sliced ham! Yes, it really happened! Evidence of little RACOON hand & footprints were all over our cooler the next morning! The little thieves not only opened a big cooler, but also were able to open a sealed RUBBERMAID container to get to the ham! A seriously funny memory, we will never forget!

Gabriella B

Drinking wine around the camp fire after my kids have fallen asleep

Terri Burson

Is this the collection featured earlier in the week? Because it's awesome! I would love to get my hands on this. I've actually been scoping my fave scrapbook stores for another Photo Play collection coming out this month, Band Geek. Can't wait to get it! My son is in the marching band so...... as for this collection, it totally brings me back to when we used to go camping as a family when I was young. The entire family....grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins.... in upstate New York, Fair Haven. I miss it so much. It's where I first learned how to fish. Nothing like the aroma of waking up to bacon and eggs, cooking in a cast iron skillet over an open fire in the woods! Wonderful memories!

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